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Who saves the world?

All signs point to pigeons and 13-year-old girls in Michelle Tea's latest YA fantasy trilogy starter


LIT Even humankind's saviors need a little help from their friends to max out on destiny. In local writerperson Michelle Tea's world, that support has been culled from the closely-knit community of queers, feminists, and outspoken loud mouths that make up the extended family of the Sister Spit and Radar reading series that she assembled in the open mic wilderness of early 1990s and 2000s San Francisco.Read more »

On the Cheap listings


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Oakland Indie Awards Kaiser Rooftop Garden, 300 Lakeside, Oakl. 6:30-10:30pm, $10-15. Sip wine and chow on chocolate while Oakland's independent businesses are honored at this rooftop awards ceremony.Read more »

Hot sexy events: Ecosexual gurus want you in boot camp


You could be mistaken, in certain moments of Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens' ecosexuality activism, into passing it off as woo-woo nonsense. In a trailer for Goodbye Gauley Moutain, the two wear "mountain" costumes while trekking through streams, passionately lick the bark of slender trees -- one hopes, consensually. They go on hikes with Sprinkle's large, shiny purse, an accessory far better suited for the couple's hometown San Francisco, which they have dubbed the "clitoris of the world."

At her and Stephens' upcoming performance series at the Center for Sex and Culture (June 13-16, 20-23), Sprinkle tells me "we talk dirty to plants, get naked in piles of dirt, and we do group wedding vows to the Earth."

But ridiculous times call for equally ridiculous measures. My amusement quickly cycled to fear and then anger when the purpose of the partners' trip to Stephens' childhood home was revealed by Goodbye Gauley Mountain: mountain-top removal. A gent in an American flag button-down (didn't those used to be for hippies?) proclaiming "global warming is a hoax," shots of mountains literally being blown up for mineral extraction. Read more »

So many summertime festivals

Small town salsa, enviro-docs, artisan Jello shots, fun punk: warm weather celebrations abound in 2013. Here's our list


MAY 25-26

Carnaval Parade: Starts at 24th St. and Bryant, SF. Sun/26, 9:30am, free; Festival: Harrison between 16th and 24th Sts., SF. Sat/25-Sun/26, 10am-6pm, free. The Mission's most colorful processional and music fest had to change hands this year to avoid financial ruin. Show your delight at its survival by showing up in force for the samba, sequins, and spectacle.

MAY 30-JUNE 5Read more »

No need to drop names: Freak City is the Internet's IRL cultural center


STREET SEEN I like LA because outfits don't have to be as functional. In San Francisco, you're always worrying about whether you'll flash someone disembarking from your single-speed, about what exactly is going to happen to those white platform sandals inside the Montgomery Street BART station. Oh lord, sandals in San Francisco?

In Los Angeles, you can wear whatever the hell you want. After all (just to be SF-bitchy about it), they don't dance down there, they certainly don't walk, and you probably won't broach the waterline at the beach, so the gold braid on your swimsuit? Appropriate, necessary. (Just take it off when you go in the pool.) In Los Angeles, you are allowed to dress like you are at the white-hot center of the hip universe, free of earthly fetters. Buy the dress in midriff.

And in this year of 2013 AD, Freak City is the place to shop for one's interstellar journey.  Read more »

Internet cats, in their own words: Henri le Chat Noir


As exhaustive and definitive as our cover story on the break-out fame of the Internet's Cat Pack was last month, still the masses clamored for more. Specifically, they wanted Henri le Chat Noir.

Who can blame them -- Seattle's existentially wracked feline inspires Christopher Walken to reference his videos mid-interview and whose short film Henri 2, Paw de Deux was declared the best of the Internet cat offerings by the dearly departed Roger Ebert. He figured prominently on our Cat Pack cover flirting with Luna the Fashion Kitty, but clearly, we would be remiss not to hear from the laconic cat himself, particularly now that he has a recently-released coffeetable book to shill. Read more »

To twerk at the symphony: Tipping on the tightrope with Janelle Monae


There was a moment at Janelle Monae's show at the SF Symphony last night when it looked as if the diorama of world-class musicians behind the diminutive person in black-and-white striped shoes, pompadour, and endless progression of tailored tuxedo jackets was a natural growth. If the trombone-and-oboe look isn't an every day occurance for Monae, she did not let on as the final moments of Prince's "Take Me With You" surged around her. The andro-android turned her back to the audience and almost subconsciously, began waving her arms, a sudden conductor. 

And then by the end of the next song the entire spangly gown crowd was on their pave-jeweled feet, twerking in the aisle. Maybe Monae can't always have a back-up symphony, but the Symphony should always have a Monae in front of it. Read more »

Googlass: Gatecrashing Google I/O


It would be foolish to turn down the offer of cost-free Billy Idol on a Wednesday night, but I could have remembered that I live in San Francisco and high profile rock 'n' roll will like as not, come served with a side of goober. 

This is to say, that I went to the Google I/O developer’s conference last night. The buffet’s waffle fries were not great and I heard the mini-chicken pot pies were worse, but I did get a chance to watch DJ Steve Aoki give shout-outs to “technooooology!”, allowing a techie or two who promised to get him a Google bus to clamber on stage and flop about next to his set-up. Read more »

Woods for you: Best redwood parks for family times, wowwing out-of-towners, quiet reflection


You have no reason not to explore California's freakishly gorgeous lands now. The treehuggers over at the Redwoods League (who have purchased more than 190,000 acres of the trees for conservation since the group's inception in 1918) have released their first-ever parent's guide to the behemoth old-growth beauties. This means day trips sensibly arranged and explained so that even the couch-bound and fresh air-phobic can figure out which woodses are best for them. Which redwood park operates a nursery? A science center? All in the guide, available for the price of your email address.

To aide you even further, Redwoods League director of outreach Jennifer Benito gave us her top picks for redwoods to take the parentals to, the most impressive stands to wow your out-of-towner babes, etc. Click through for the League's detailed info on visitor centers, trails, and hidden treasures in each of the parks on her list. Read more »

Small Business Awards 2013: Shameless Photography

You chose body-positive boudoir shots for this year's Reader's Choice Award


Y'all chose Shameless as your top small biz of the year, so I'm going to yield the floor for a moment to someone who voted for the photography outfit:

"Shameless is a female-owned and run business that promotes positive body image and self love while creating spectacular pin-up and boudoir images," wrote one enraptured Bay Guardian reader. "Women (myself included) leave the studio feeling more beautiful and accepting of their bodies."Read more »