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Use March to check in with women who do thangs — our top Women's Month art, politics, and tech tutorial picks are right here


WOMEN'S HISTORY MONTH There's all of not much planned, officially speaking, for Women's History Month this year in San Francisco. A March 6 ceremony honored a lady from each district in the Board of Supervisor's chamber, a reception followed with refreshments and Ed Lee's mustache proclaimed she who is Woman of the Year. (His selection hadn't been announced by the time we went to press, but I'm pulling for a double honoree this year: fashion babe twins Marian and recently-deceased Vivian Brown.)Read more »


Would a stripper license ruin my look? Plus, your week in sex events


SEX Let's take a trip to Texas for some national news before this week's sex events.

Clearly, strippers are the reason we have human trafficking. This, at least, appears to be a thought in the noggin of Texas assemblyperson Bill Zedler, who has proposed HB 337, a bill that would require exotic dancers to wear a license certifying that they have taken a course in sex slavery.Read more »

Trouble down under: SF indie film banned in Australia


Cuddle porn, banned in Oz? The Australian Classification Board took exception with auteur Travis Mathews' tender look at life and love among gay men in San Francisco -- which included explicit sex scenes. Film fanatics at the Melbourne Queer Film Festival, Sydney's Queer Screen, and the Brisbane Queer Film Festival will be missing out on Mathew's work -- I Want Your Love was scheduled to screen at all three this year.

Look, James Franco is sad too. Read more »

Sunday Streets hits the Embarcadero March 10


We love the ocean breezes of Sunday Streets Great Highway, the jampacked activities of Sunday Streets Mission, the general feeling of being on the main thoroughfare of a neighborhood you don't usually hang out on with thousands of your city neighbors. Once again, the car-free family day is taking over the Embarcadero for its March 10 season opener.

More centrally located than the beach, more of a novelty than the at-times Mission version -- this could be a good one, and it's high time to re-acquaint yourself with the strip in these last days before America's Cup swoops in, anyway. Here's five ways to spend your SS Embarcadero: Read more »

Happy Women's History Month, dammit let's celebrate


Officially, the city of San Francisco will celebrate Women's History Month with a ceremony honoring a female representative from each district on March 19 at the Board of Supervisors' legislative chambers, followed by a reception at the Public Utilities Building at which the Mayor will proclaim a Woman of the Year. If you can stand the excitement, click here for more info. 

Let's not stop there, shall we? Read more »

More on what consent means for BDSM porn: A performer speaks out


Having sex for money can change the dimensions of the kinds of acts you're willing to explore. That's a fact in a porno landscape that rewards greater physical punishment with greater paychecks (as it should.) But if BDSM porn performers aren't doing it all purely for their own sexual gratification, how do we define consent? Where does pushing boundaries become abuse? The question seems really important, especially for those who would defend the existence of BDSM porn to dissenters of all stripes

My article in this week's paper that explored the question of the definition of consent for for-profit BDSM porn (although really, the arguments are the same for all kinds of sex work) was too short. Hey, save trees and all that. But performer Maxine Holloway pushed beyond the limited ink I could give to her comments to expand on her thoughts in an essay posted to her blog last night. Read more »

Hot sexy events: transman awardwinners and vibrator art


Somehow in the course of things I missed out on blogging about this year's Tranny Awards, LA's porn industry hat-tip to the best in transgender adult film. This year was particularly special -- for the first time transmen were honored with their own award category, sponsored by relatively new site FTM Fucker, whose founder is angel-faced James Darling. OG beefcake FTM actor Buck Angel won, appropriately enough. Hopefully in future years there will be new FTM stars at his level.   Read more »

Here, here

Fashion trade associations are helping to resuscitate the Bay's local clothing game


STREET SEEN As the author of a style column, I spend time trawling the city for innovative new local designers. Clothes that are made here, cute ones. Let me hear about them, I'll put it in print, swear down.

But there's not... that much of them. Speaking historically, of course. In the heyday of garment manufacturing, San Francisco churned out mountains of readywear — more than any other city in the country besides New York and Los Angeles.Read more »

Bombay Ice Cream closed, no forwarding address


Perhaps it should have come as no surprise, given the ignominious location under the freeway where Mission favorite Bombay Ice Cream relocated in 2011, but this: I went by for icecream the other day to discover the place was totally vacant, with no clues as to where its cones of cardamom and chicku icrecream might reappear. Read more »

Giving consent to capitalism

The week in sex events, plus a porn-friendly discussion


SEX "BDSM so quickly and easily gets painted with a broad brush," said porn performer and author (her piece this week on Jezebel, "How I Became a Feminist Porn Star" is not to be missed) Dylan Ryan.

I'd called her in the wake of last week's SF Weekly cover story ("Gag Order," 2/20/13), which included some healthy critiques of, the local porn company often held up as the standard when it comes to shooting kinky sex.Read more »