Danielle Magee

The private bus problem

Corporate behemoths crowd city streets and block Muni stops


If you're used to riding to work on a crowded, lurching Muni bus that arrives late and costs too much, consider this: Some San Franciscans commute on 50-foot luxury coaches with cushioned seats, wifi, air conditioning and mini television screens. The state-of-the-art vehicles arrive on time — and the service is free.Read more »

Guardian exclusive: the health-care scam chart

Who's gaming Healthy SF with phony surcharges? A Guardian exclusive


We’ve always found it a bit annoying when restaurants charge an additional fee to pay for Healthy San Francisco, the law that mandates health care for workers. If the cost of eggs goes up, there’s no “special breakfast cost pass-along surcharge.” So it seems to us more like a political statement in opposition to the law than a business expense.

That said, we’re happy to pay an extra 3 percent for a nice meal -- if it means the people who cook and serve it get health insurance. Read more »