G. Martinez-Cabrera

Back to school

CAREERS & ED: Celebrate 2009 with exciting new skills


Let's face it: 2008 was not great. Two wars, lots of political BS, and an economy that's seen better days. But if our president-elect is to be believed, things are about to change. Why not bring some of that change to your personal life by learning a new skill? Here are some of my favorite offerings in our fair city by the Bay.


Perhaps you love those old Robin Hood movies or actually know the names of all three Musketeers. Or maybe you just think it'd be fun to hit someone with a steel stick. Read more »

Feast: 6 Seoul foods


Even among foodies, Korean cuisine does not get its due — and that's even more the case in San Francisco. As I searched for ways to get my kimchi on, I can't tell you how many people told me to look elsewhere. Some even said I had to go all the way down to Los Angeles if I wanted the good stuff. Well, naysayers, behold: these six eateries will help you put a little Seoul in your disbelieving bellies.


The Richmond is like the mecca of Korean food in this city, and Brothers is one of its better known eateries. Read more »

Bend Sinister

Lit Crawl 2008: Bucky Sinister hits bedrock and breaks the self-help mold with Get Up

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With Litquake fast approaching and his new book hitting the shelves, the time is right to check in with San Francisco writer, comedian, and reluctant self-help guru, Bucky Sinister. Yes, you heard that right: self-help guru. Move over Dr. Phil and Dr. Drew and every other faux-folksy TV platitude-puss. Mr. Sinister has the kind of wisdom — and writing skills — that can only come from experience. Read more »