Gabriel Roth

Affordable housing group's shady, "shameless" endorsements

The Affordable Housing Alliance just backs members of the Brown machine


Editors note: This article orginally ran in October, 2000.T

he Brown machine's soft money operation is churning out some very
duplicitous propaganda. While we haven't seen many mailers attacking
independent candidates yet (they're usually deployed in the final days
of the campaign, when the targets don't have a chance to respond), we've
come across flyers that aim to portray business-friendly machine
candidates as champions of progressive causes.

Perhaps the most egregious comes from an organization called the
Affordable Housing Alliance.Read more »

The steak-out


EDIBLE COMPLEX In a very 20th-century way, steak connotes adulthood. A turning point for me was a visit to one of those cook-it-yourself steak restaurants with my extended family when I was 12. I aspired to be a grown-up at the time, and so I determined to take steak-eating seriously. I chose a big hunk of meat and grilled it until the outside was totally charred and the inside was thoroughly gray. The whole thing seemed very manly. Read more »