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Devil's Slide (Gray Whale Cove)

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Devil's Slide (Gray Whale Cove)

Rating: A

Gray Whale Cove, which is often called Devil's Slide, continues to get rave reviews from visitors.Read more »

Strawberry Canyon Pool

Rating: B

The deck and surrounding grassy area at the East Pool, one of three pools in the Strawberry Canyon Recreation Area run by the University of California, Berkeley, has long been used for topless sunbathing. The 25-yard-by-25-yard pool with six lap lanes finally reopened, but there's no word yet on whether the fun in the sun will continue. Before the closure, rule No. 8 of the posted regulations said that "Bathing suits must be worn at all times by all patrons using the facility (State of California Health Code); topless sunbathing permitted."Read more »

Midway Beach

Rating: C

Only a smattering of tourists visit this remote beach, which is between North Beach and South Beach in Point Reyes National Seashore.  And that's good news for the few sunbathers who sometimes go topless or nude on the warmest days, when nobody's around.  Tip: bring a windbreaker in case the weather changes.

Legal status:Read more »

Bass Lake

Highly recommended!

Rating: ARead more »

Drake's Beach

Rating: C

Suitless sunbathing occasionally occurs on the Point Reyes shore that "bares" the name of British explorer Francis Drake, who is said to have landed his Golden Hinde there in 1579. The beach is near a memorial named after him. Not everyone, though, agrees where Drake came ashore; some experts think it happened in Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay, way to the south in Santa Barbara, or even considerably north, in Coos Bay, Oregon.Read more »