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Best of the Bay 2009: Local Heroes

Our celebration of Bay Area people and organizations who strive to make a difference





As staff attorney at the Asian Law Caucus, Angela Chan has been at the forefront of a yearlong effort to ensure that all undocumented juveniles have the right to due process in San Francisco.

That effort began last summer, shortly after Mayor Gavin Newsom, who had just decided to run for governor, announced that undocumented juveniles hencefort Read more »

Best of the Bay 2009

Our 35th annual guide to the people, places, and things that make the Bay great


Frameline 2009: Our short, opinionated takes on several featured Frameline flicks


The Lollipop Generation (G.B. Jones, Canada, 2008) To truly appreciate G.B. Jones' decades-in-the-making solo follow-up to her 1991 queer punk classic collaboration with Bruce LaBruce No Skin Off My Ass, you probably have to be a fan of Doris Wishman. Jones is on record as a major admirer of the woman behind Bad Girls Go to Hell (1965) and the Chesty Morgan vehicle Double Agent 73 (1974), whose singular directorial style had no need for dramatic momentum, synced-up dialogue, or sensible camera angles. Read more »

Staff picks

FEAST: Our office experts describe their favorite places to dine and drink


“The coq au vin is the best in the city, even though I harbor a sneaking suspicion that the waitstaff enjoys overplaying its French accent.” (Marke B., Senior Editor, Culture and Web)
151 Noe, SF. (415) 437-2600,


"So much amazing tequila, my liver hurts just thinking about it." (Ben Hopfer, Associate Art Director)

5929 Geary, SF. Read more »

Mask maker, mask maker

Desiree Holman's playfully weird Obama-era masks hit SFMOMA. Plus: I-spy photography and the death of static

The 21st installment of the Society for the Encouragement of Contemporary Art's biennial award exhibition is upon us! Read more »

All ears

Noise Pop 09: We chew over a few more tasty Noise Pop niblets


Antony Hegarty's got a delicate disposition and a hankering for the embrace of Mother Nature. His latest effort, The Crying Light (Secretly Canadian), extends the band in the direction of strange, rending meditations on life, love, and gender-line transgressions. Hegarty may never be described as a big-throated hollerer, but his are rousing intimations of human fragility that approach a chest-clenching volume of heartbreak, though he never raises his voice above a whisper. Read more »

The G-Spot

The Guardian's guide to sex, love, and romance

San Francisco is a great place to get laid. Beginning with the brothels of the frontier era and moving right through history to the gay-rights and free-love movements, we're a city particularly adept at providing, supporting, and celebrating sexual exploration. Is it a coincidence that our seven-by-seven mile utopia-by-the-sea also happens to be brimming with attractive, talented, and adventurous folks who always seem only a step away from jumping into each other's beds?

Not that this isn't also a great place to be in love. Read more »

For those about to rock ...

Revisiting AC/DC as they get back on the highway to hell

As AC/DC gets back on the highway to hell, we break down the love, the lust, the power chords, the party sounds, and the continuing relevance of the rockers from Down Under

>>Where's the party?
It's wherever AC/DC is
By Mike McGuirkRead more »

Holiday Guide 2008

Our ultimate winter shopping and survival guide

Think global, shop local

Funny how quickly this holiday season has snuck up on us, isn't it? That election sure was distracting. Here's hoping our ultimate holiday gift guide can help you navigate these next few months while you're busy celebrating President Obama and protesting Prop. 8. Speaking of politics, the Guardian has joined a national effort to support local businesses this year as a way to boost our economy. Read Tim Redmond's explanation. Read more »

The Milk Issue

SFBG takes a look at the man, the movie, the myth, the martyr -- and the modern legacy of Harvey Milk

It took Hollywood 30 years to make a feature film about the life of Harvey Milk, and when Gus Van Sant finally got the gig, and Sean Penn agreed to play the title role, it came out too late to have an impact on the California election. Would Milk, the movie, have helped defeat Prop. 8? Nobody knows. But the movie is inspirational, and with any luck will carry the message of Milk's life to the masses. Read more »