Johnny Angel Wendell

The "L" word


Friend of mine sent me a great piece from the (I hope this isn't verboten) SFGate about the gentrification of South Boston, the section of Boston once ruled by the iron fist of Jim "Whitey" Bulger. Landmarks that were once the alleged mobster's HQ's now turned wineries, the death of the local Irish pub, all Read more »

Light bulbs, birth defects and sin


Try though I may, I cannot understand the American right in 2013.

Thumbing through the news this morning, I came across two stories that are absolutely mind-boggling. The first is a sad commentary on the kind of mindset that is damaging and pervasive to and among the people that have it. The second is simply incredible.Read more »

Pride weekend in LA



It appears that I have pissed off more than a few people as per my opinions on the issue of "Pride Weekend." To clarify then:

 Anyone anywhere that regards gay, lesbian, transgendered or bisexual people as second class citizens in any way is an idiot than can fuck off this page immediately. I have no use for you--any relationship I can be in legally, so can everyone. That this is even an issue is asinine.Read more »

Arturo Vega, RIP


Arturo Vega, creative designer and lights operator for the de facto inventors of punk rock the Ramones, died this morning. He was 65.Read more »

A thought on the PRISM program


The huge story of the last week was the UK Guardian's revelations of massive data mining by the US government of Verizon and the outrage in its wake. Read more »

Getting smogged


Spent part of yesterday doing that peculiarly California-ized ritual, the smogging of the vehicle. As it had a bad v-tec solenoid, it had flunked initially and so the re-test was a little nerve wracking, deadlines and all.Read more »

Week 3


Week three is in the books for JAW at the SFBG. Almost a month here and while I'd like to say this is a fresh and brand new situation, Internet-speaking, it really isn't.Read more »

It's only to keep you safe, why worry?


As the story of the government data mining Verizon's customers gains (and loses) momentum, the various responses (all predictable) are rolling out. "It's Obama's fault", "Bush did it, too", "I don't care as long as it keeps me safe", "they're going after patriotic Americans", blah. blah, blah. My favorite take on this is "well, I've done nothing wrong, so I don't worry--if you haven't done anything wrong, what are you worried about?"Read more »

Double standard and then some


"Let's see. I was a reporter for the AP in Washington. I'm a Verizon customer in America. Way to go, govt. You have my phone records covered."

Ben Feller, writer, today.

"For an unpopular guy on his way out of his office, President Bush still has some juice.Read more »

Today's vexing question


It's a lovely June day in LA with the gloom burning off and my son graduating elementary school. So, I thought I might leave you with this simple question:

Why do the same people that believe an assault weapons ban is a waste of time because "criminals can always get guns" also believe that an abortion ban will end abortions?

See ya after the ceremonies!