Johnny Angel Wendell

Jean Stapleton, RIP


Jean Stapleton, best known as "Edith Bunker" on TV's "All In The Family", passed away in New York. She was 90.

Not only was she an actress of amazing skill and poise, but consider the obvious: There would never be an "All In The Family" today (discounting cartoons like "The Simpsons" or "Family Guy").Read more »

Nothing without daddy


Reading Rand Paul's prescription for a bigger and better GOP, I was struck by an interesting thought--since 1988, only one Republican nominee (coincidentally the only one I thought of voting for, Bob Dole), owed virtually none of his success in life to his dad. ( Rand Paul to say the least, owes everything to his dad). The rest--wow!Read more »

Staggering Hypocrisy


Apparently, the Republicans in Congress are railing against food stamps--fosters a "culture of dependency", they say.

Read more »

Both sides DON'T do it


As someone with a lot of friends and contacts in the real world and on the Net, I hear pretty much every opinion under the sun. From die-hard Communist all the way to equally didactic (and tellingly similar) Objectivist, I get it all day every day. Read more »

Week Two


Week two of blogging here in the books.

To paraphrase your most famous musical export, what a short strange trip its been so far.Read more »

Emulating Switzerland


Today's "human nature is revolting" story comes from the state of Utah. Apparently, one the state's leading gun-rights activists was busted for threatening his ex-wife's family with a 2.5 tom Army surplus vehicle, as he intended to run over all of their cars with his. His lawyer says it's no big deal and he was just “having fun in his big boy toy.”. Read more »

Prostitution and Mitt Romney


Four and a half years ago, San Francisco had the chance to make history as well as eliminate a major social problem. Measure K would have eliminated the prosecution of sex workers in the city. Sensible, sane and prudent, this ballot initiative would have finally given some legal recourse to one of the city's biggest underground businesses. Because it is sex-based, however, hysteria ruled the day and the measure was defeated.Read more »

The impending death of American conservatism


Gallup released a poll May 24th with some remarkable new data. American liberalism--long thought to be dead and gone and receeding into New Deal memory--is ascendant. 

According to Gallup, 30% of Americans consider themselves social liberals, an all time high. And only 41% of Americans consider themselves economically conservative, an all time low.Read more »

Because facts mean nothing


This hasn't been a good time to be Joe Arpaio, the self-proclaimed "toughest sheriff in America" lately. Federal courts have slapped down his "saturation sweeps" through Latino neighborhoods as unconstitutional. Read more »

Short cuts


Lots of stuff in news worth looking at today.Read more »