Johnny Angel Wendell

Mind Boggling


Today on the 101 headed home from gym, I saw a 2010 GMC SUV with the bumper stickers "Who Is John Galt?" and "I Love Capitalism" on the back.

If memory serves, said vehicle was made after the US Government saved said company via loans, that is, taxpayer dollars.

I guess this is the right-wing whackaloon version of "Deadhead sticker on a Cadillac".





Phobic Phatheads


No issue in America has had as abrupt a public opinion turn as gay rights. Once a third rail that could never be touched by politicians lest the juggernaut of America's homophobes land on them, gay rights are now on their way to be accepted for what they actually are--basic human rights. Same sex marriage polls favorably by almost 3-2, ten years go, that figure was reversed. Read more »

Enough already


The gruesome and sordid attack in Woolwich, UK has alarmed and horrified that nation and a fair amount of the world. Read more »

Weiner Rises!


Midnight Wednesday, Anthony Weiner--who resigned from Congress two years ago because of a "sexting" scandal--has announced he will run for mayor of New York City. He will enter a crowded field to replace Michael "Big Gulps Are Murder" Bloonberg.Read more »

For No God's Sake


The nightmarish aftermath of the Moore, Oklahoma EF-5 tornado is in rebuilding and rebounding mode. People are digging out of the mess. Survivors located. Businesses re-opening.Read more »

Week One


I took this gig a week ago---multiple posts a week, basically a news-based version of what I did for the SFBG in the 90's. It's already kicking my ass, as the old "PISSED" columns were once a week and based in music. This is way tougher and way more gratifying. Thanks.Read more »

Thou Shalt Not Speak Ill Of The Lord God Oil


Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning, I take a brutal boot-camp type class at the Hollywood YMCA here in LA. 45 minutes of sheer hell, but as these things are measured, surely worth it. I've been going for the last year and a half at the prodding and urging of my friend Stacy "Beano" Johnson, a lively and lovely woman and an ex-pat Okie from outside Tulsa. Yesterday, I walked in to find her strecthing and she seemed, as you would imagine, distraught. Read more »

A chance meeting with the Doors' Ray Manzarek, RIP


Ray Manzarek, co-founder and keyboardist of the Doors, died today at 74. Complications from bile duct cancer.

As the master of the spooky-sounding and creepy organ first heard in rock and roll in "96 Tears" or "She's About A Mover," Manzarek was both the embellishment and the bottom for Venice, Calif.'s most famous band. They had no bass (live, on records they did). The bass was Ray's left hand -- according to Manzarek, every time they tried to add a bass, the sound became leaden and useless. And so, that oddly springy feel the Doors made real owed as much to Ray as it did their colorful frontman or their jazzy guitarist and drummer. Read more »

Ray Manzarek, RIP


Ray Manzarek, co-founder and keyboardist of the Doors, died today at 74. Complications from bile duct cancer.Read more »

Legalize it--All of it


Tomorrow is election day in Los Angeles and beyond the biggest race (for mayor between a pair of dull left of center bureaucrats of whom the less said is better), the most important ballot measures are three that, in varying degrees, are used to restrict the explosi Read more »