DJ Daddy Huf 'n Pufz is in the nightlife hizz-ouse!!! With Snoop Dogg, Christian Audigier, Samantha Ronson, and Timmy "Turbo Iroq" Nguyen

ALTER EGO Yo, yo, yo waaasssuuuppp in the Sheez Franheezy! It's me, DJ Daddy Huf 'n Pufz, takin' over this Super Ego shit and giving you da club reals for reals! That sorry skinny faggot Marke B. had to go get his kneepads repadded or some shit — don't drop the soap on the 22, y'all — so I'm stepping in with the 411 in the 415 after dark. But first I gotta open a big ol' can of NO HOMO on this column, yo. You feel me, man? Fuck all that gay-ass gay and art school dropout shit B.'s always squealing like a little pink piggy about. Read more »