Josh Wolf

Driven to take risks

Lyft has infuriated the taxi industry, but its drivers are also hurt by difficulties getting insurance coverage


Lyft and its rideshare competitors are transforming the lives of the Bay Area's underemployed and out-of-work, but the insurance industry won't cover these drivers' vehicles in the event of an accident, a glitch in the business model of the nascent "shareable economy."Read more »

Threats or payback?

Activist arrested after criticizing the SFPD and its tactics on television


Officers from the San Francisco Police Department arrested a 21-year-old activist from Hunters Point less than 24 hours after he appeared on a public access television show where he indicted the police for a recent shooting and named officers he says have personally harassed him.Read more »

Don't fight the new media

A new organization agitates for journalists' rights

OPINION When I first found myself incarcerated, there were six other journalists in the United States under the threat of imprisonment for practicing their profession. They have since all been spared the unfortunate fate of incarceration, but at the time it seemed that the press was under a full-scale attack, and it was necessary to develop a united front to defend against the growing tide of corporate and government repression.

As a result, Free the Media was born. Read more »