Kim-Shree Maufas

OPINION: The "people's seat" on the Police Commission


Editor's note: School Board member Kim-Shree Maufas submitted this opinion piece on the upcoming Police Commission appointment.

On Friday, October 11, 2002, what began as an early morning school fight turned into a uniformed police officer-driven melee against students and teachers at Thurgoom Marshall High School. A total of 126 cops (some in SWAT/Riot gear) and sheriff’s deputites (tactical training was nearby) with firefighter and helicopter air support occupied the campus into the late afternoon.Read more »

The JROTC horror show

The Board of Education has to look beyond the TV sound bites that grossly distort the facts

OPINION I wish that the adults who want to keep the JROTC program in San Francisco public schools would stop throwing the JROTC students under the bus and blaming the bus driver.

In particular, I'm referring to the March 24 Board of Education meeting, where a resolution about JROTC by commissioners Jill Wynns and Rachel Norton was presented as a first-reading agenda item, which, under our rules, denotes that it should be referred to committee for further discussion. Read more »