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By Kristen Peters


"This in Itself is A Victory"

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Bay Bridge tolls a boost for congestion pricing?


San Francisco officials are watching closely to see if higher tolls on the Bay Bridge might help the city make the case for charging fees to drive into downtown in high-traffice periods -- and so far, the evidence is promising.

Since tolls increased July 1, an additional 4,000 commuters turning to BART -- and that means fewer cars on the bridge.
The Bay Area Toll Authority elevated fees during the hours of 5 am to 10 am and 3 pm until 7 pm for crossing all bridges except the Golden Gate, which is managed by a different agency.Read more »

Congestion pricing plan headed to board this fall


San Francisco is now one step closer to becoming the first American city to implement a congestion pricing plan as the San Francisco County Transportation Authority staff prepares to present their final study findings to the Board of Supervisors this fall.Read more »

Booze or mismanagement?

Battle over proposed alcohol ban marks preparations for 100th Bay to Breakers

The centennial celebration of the Bay to Breakers race and party is once again being targeted for a crackdown on alcohol. But many participants say the problem is mismanagement more than booze or public urination.

Organizers this month announced that all racers and revelers in possession of alcohol will be cited and possibly detained by the San Francisco Police Department. Those pushing floats or, as event spokesperson Sam Singer put it, "alcohol delivery devices," will be cited as well.Read more »