L.C. Mason

A six-pack of rock picks

Thee Oh Sees, Dark Dark Dark, Ezee Tiger, and more this week


Fuzz is the new black — at least according to the gospel preached by Thee Oh Sees and Eat Skull. The two West Coast combos will take the beer- and noise-soaked pulpit at the Eagle Tavern to bang out hazy sermons of garage wit and wisdom. (L.C. Mason)

With Grant Hart and the Fresh and Onlys. Thurs/26, 9 p.m., $5. Eagle Tavern, 398 12th St., SF. (415) 626-0880. www.sfeagle.com


Sabertooth Zombie

Heavy hardcore punk at its ear-splitting finest

PREVIEW Savage and bloodthirsty as a werewolf in heat under a full moon, Sabertooth Zombie is heavy hardcore punk at its ear-splitting finest. The North Bay quintet mixes overdriven drums and guitar riffs with swampy stoner-metal power chords and a vocalist whose pipes ring with the same rage and ruin as legendary Discharge frontman Cal Morris. Every time this brutal cocktail hits the stage, audiences unravel into throbbing disarray. Read more »

Foot Village

A sovereign nation of drum-toting, megaphone-wielding musical savages

PREVIEW As if it were a sovereign nation of drum-toting, megaphone-wielding musical savages, Foot Village bears its own two-pronged manifesto, stating "Our national language is drumming, our national pass-time is screaming." This declaration aptly sums up the Los Angeles group's polyrhythmic sonic attack, which is studded with explosions of feral hoots and hollers, and three drum sets' worth of cataclysmic crashing, hissing, and banging.

The band's witch-doctor blend of hardcore punk and noise rock is at its best on "Bones": visions of bloodthirsty, amph Read more »