Maggie Beidelman

Parking on the park

Rec-Park proposes facilities for more food trucks in Dolores Park

In a steering committee meeting for the Dolores Park Rehabilitation Project on August 4, San Francisco Recreation and Park Department (RPD) officials stunned the committee with a proposal to bring in more food trucks. The move came just two days after a ballot measure that would have banned more such leases in city parks was removed from the fall ballot.Read more »



Replacing the Concourse

Huge project in Showplace Square begins new residential push in the eastern neighborhoods


In one of the few remaining San Francisco neighborhoods untouched by gentrification, there is a proposal to demolish the Concourse Exhibition Center and replace the quintessential Showplace Square building with a market-rate residential project, which the developer says will be rental apartments.Read more »

State park closures raise difficult issues

What's happening with Bay Area green spaces -- including a list of parks that will be affected


The recent state budget cuts remind us to treasure the natural beauty of California reflected in our state parks that we've taken for granted — until now. For the first time in state history, budget cuts will require closing up to 70 of our 278 state parks by July 1, 2012.Read more »

Is LEED really green?

How developers use a popular environmental certification program to sell projects and mislead the public


The archangel of sustainable development has arrived, promising much needed city housing that will add to the "social fabric of the waterfront community" with its glamorous green rooftops and unheard-of bay views. This is going to be the greenest building of them all, or so we've been told, but the truth is a bit more complicated.Read more »

Cleaning up UC's mess

Low-wage University of California workers live in poverty while top executives get big bonuses


By 7 a.m., when engineering students begin to trickle into Cory Hall at UC Berkeley, Arnold Meza has already scrubbed the floors, wiped clean the chalkboards, and emptied the trash of 30 offices and many of the classrooms and hallways of the six-floor building.Read more »