Marianne Moore

The real deal

San Francisco Body Art Expo brings ink to the masses 


BODY ART Two weeks ago more than 300 tattoo, piercing, and body modification artists hung out their shingles at the Cow Palace for the San Francisco Body Art Expo. They came from Beijing, Samoa, Los Angeles, the Haight. Their booths ranged up and down the hall in no particular order. Hip-hop playing over the speakers in the booths did little to cut the pervasive metallic whine of tattoo machines.Read more »

Get hammered

New drinking game Stump hits the Bay Area: watch for blood


Until recently, its existence has played out quietly in Alabama basements and Vermont backyards. If you've seen anyone engaging in it, chances are it was a group of raucous bros on YouTube or Elijah Wood and Jimmy Fallon on The Late Show. If you saw it up close, you may have fled the general area.Read more »

Diving for dollars

Careers and Ed: Exploring the outsider world of an underwater career

Perhaps it's because I have my basic scuba license, but the idea of diving for profit has always held a certain mystique for me. It's one thing to look at fish on vacation, but quite another to do something so dangerous and physically demanding every day.

I've always wondered: what kind of person chooses such a job?

The earliest commercial divers were salvage workers, roving the alien ocean floor in search of sunken treasure. Read more »

Speed Reading

The Queer Issue: My Miserable, Lonely, Lesbian Pregnancy


By Andrea Askowitz

Cleis Press

241 pages


My Miserable, Lonely, Lesbian Pregnancy is a bracingly frank and exhaustively detailed tour of lesbian single-motherhood, written as a more or less straightforward journal of the weeks leading up to conception and birth. Read more »