Megan Ma

Small Business Awards 2008: Arthur Jackson Diversity in Business Award

Women's Action to Gain Economic Security

Before it was cool or mainstream for businesses to go green, the nonprofit WAGES (Women's Action to Gain Economic Security) was successfully promoting eco-friendly house cleaning cooperatives to empower low-income workers.

That they've been doing it successfully since 1997 testifies to the idea that promoting workers' rights and creating an environmentally sustainable business is possible.

Based in Oakland, the small WAGES staff helps low-income women form worker-owned cleaning cooperatives by offering leadership training, education, and management until the cooperatives can become se Read more »

Freedom of Information: The leaks go on

A federal court judge says prior Wikileaks ruling was unconstitutional

In what may be the last act of a quickly unfolding drama, Swiss banking giant Julius Baer has dropped its lawsuit against Wikileaks, an anonymous whistle-blower Web site, and Dynadot LLC, the site's registrar. Baer's attorneys had sought to shut down Wikileaks through a permanent injunction for hosting potentially damaging material about the bank's activities in the Grand Cayman Islands.

The bank's decision last week follows its legal defeat Feb. 29 in which San Francisco federal court judge Jeffrey S. Read more »