Phil Ting

SF's foreclosure crisis

Kicking people out of their homes is costing the city $42 million 


OPINION Foreclosures are still ravaging San Francisco neighborhoods.

As steward of the city's property roll and head of the department that appraises every home in San Francisco, I see every day the toll the mortgage crisis is having on real estate values and the city budget.

Thousands of Notices of Default have been filed with my office in the last few years, and every Monday there's a vivid reminder San Francisco is far from out of the woods on foreclosures as homes are auctioned off on the steps of City Hall.Read more »

Let's close the Prop. 13 loophole

Between 1975 and today, commercial property contributions to the tax roll have decreased from 47 percent to 30 percent

OPINION When it passed in 1978, Proposition 13 was advertised as a law to protect fixed-income seniors from losing their homes. In reality, Prop. 13 was a guise to shrink the size of government and cut vital public services like education, health care, transportation, public safety, and recreation. Now, 30 years later, it is one of the principle reasons so many seniors, children, homeless, and other vulnerable California residents are losing their vital safety net.

Using scare tactics showing seniors on the street, supporters of Prop. Read more »