Rebecca Bowe

Chris Cunnie draws big supporters


Chris Cunnie's event at the Delancey Street Foundation was packed early with top pub safety officials -- San Francisco police chief Greg Suhr, San Francisco Firefighters Union president John Hanley, San Francisco Police Officers Association president Gary Delagnes.

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The odd evictions at Parkmerced

Suddenly, low-income tenants could lose homes over water, garbage fees


The San Francisco City Attorney's Office has started investigating conditions at Parkmerced in the wake of housing advocates' concerns that tenants have been issued a high volume of notices warning that they could face eviction due to unpaid utility fees.Read more »

On crowd size during the Occupy Oakland General Strike


Having spent all day in Oakland Wedesday for the General Strike launched by Occupy Oakland, I knew something was wrong when I read reports like this one, which appeared in the San Jose Mercury News:

"Quan said she was happy the crowd -- which police estimate hit 7,000 people at one point -- protested all day with only a small amount of destruction and violence." (Emphasis mine.)Read more »

Breaking: Tear gas and flash grenades in Oakland


UPDATE: Police have issued another dispersal order, declaring an unlawful assembly anwyhere on Broadway past 14th Street.

UPDATE: I'm getting reports that police have told media they're planning to arrest everyone in the camp.

UPDATE: I just spoke to the Guardian's Yael Chanoff, who was on the scene when police broke out the tear gas. She said it went off at least three or four times, and that a line of riot police was stationed on 16th Street nearby Frank Ogawa Plaza, the site of the encampment which has been renamed Oscar Grant Plaza by Occupy Oakland.Read more »

When Occupy Oakland shut down the port (VIDEO)


The grand finale of a day of rallies and marches scheduled for Oakland's Nov. 2 General Strike was a shutdown of the Port of Oakland, in which hordes of protesters accessed the property from different entry points, standing atop train cars and trucks while whooping and chanting. Clusters of groups blocking each gate of the sprawling property featured something different: Brass bands, small assemblies using the "human mic" style of communicating as a crowd, dance parties, and impromptu reunions.Read more »

As OccupySF attracts support, Oakland gets ready for a general strike


At a rally of some 2,000 activists held in Oakland's Frank Ogawa Plaza Oct. 26 -- the day after a brutal police crackdown left 24-year-old war veteran Scott Olsen in critical condition from a skull fracture inflicted by a police projectile -- Occupy Oakland's general assembly reached a 96 percent consensus agreement to call for a general strike to be held Nov. 2. Read more »

Flattened fences and strengthened bridges

Bay Area occupiers resist police, lend mutual support, and attract international attention


With high-profile standoffs between protesters and police last week, Occupy Oakland and OccupySF have attracted international attention and support, helping to galvanize the six-week-old Occupy Wall Street movement.Read more »

Survey shows Lee aligned with tenant advocates only half the time


The results of a mayoral candidates' survey created by the Council of Community Housing Organizations (CCHO) offered some surprises. Based on candidates' responses, venture capitalist Joanna Rees, one of the more conservative contenders, came across as a stronger advocate for affordable housing and tenants' rights than interim Mayor Ed Lee, who previously defended tenants as an attorney with the Asian Law Caucus. Read more »

The raid that never came to OccupySF (VIDEO)


Protesters at the OccupySF encampment remained on edge for hours early on Oct. 27 as reports of a pending police raid put the crowd of perhaps 1,000 on alert. Between the collective fear of risking serious injury or arrest, the anxiety of losing camp, and the sleep deprivation, the police department's unwillingness to make its intentions clear to people gathered in Justin Herman Plaza seemed akin to psychological warfare waged against the occupiers.Read more »

Quan’s legal advisor: “Which side are we on?”


The scene in Oakland was calm and peaceful around 9 p.m. last night as some 2,000 occupiers met in the amphitheater outside Oakland City Hall at Frank Ogawa Plaza. In sharp contrast with the war zone-like scene the previous evening, police did not mobilize to try and put a stop to the massive and highly organized general assembly meeting. Protesters have vowed to reconvene at 14th and Broadway at 6 p.m. every single day to continue organizing using a consenus process. Read more »