Rebecca Bowe

"Ed heads" deemed inappropriate at Lee support rally


At a rally for Mayor Ed Lee at the Ella Hill Hutch Community Center Aug. 11, many turned out to demonstrate their support for the mayoral candidate. But several were asked to alter their signs and appearance before the press event got underway. Read more »

Environmentalists: America's Cup not green enough


A preliminary planning document for the America's Cup doesn't go far enough to protect San Francisco's natural environment, a coalition of environmental organizations has said. Read more »

Shelter from the storm

San Francisco strengthens protections for low-wage workers as the economy worsens


Ms. Li has a petite build, but she's physically strong. Hauling around dish bins and boxes of produce weighing 50 pounds was part of her daily routine when she worked shifts lasting 12 hours a day, six days a week, at a San Francisco Chinatown eatery that later made headlines for its poor labor standards.Read more »

Ecological rewind

Environmentalists want to tear down O'Shaughnessy Dam and restore the Hetch Hetchy Valley, but does their plan hold water?


Follow the trail from Yosemite National Park's Rancheria Falls up along dusty switchbacks and down through a canopy of pines and madrones for roughly three miles, and you will reach Tiltill Valley.Read more »

As a candidate, Lee takes a few lumps


It was a lively scene at the Castro Theater Aug. 8 as leading mayoral contenders -- including interim Mayor Ed Lee, who that morning announced he had changed his mind and was going to run after all -- squared off before a jocular crowd that peppered the politicians with cheering, clapping, booing, hissing, and shouting out of turn. 

"If you can't get booed on the stage of the Castro theatre, you're not breathing," quipped former District 8 Sup. Bevan Dufty, drawing laughter and applause. Read more »

Ed Lee does some 'splainin


Ed Lee, appointed San Francisco's interim mayor early this year after giving the San Francisco Board of Supervisors his word that he would not seek a full term, filed papers to enter the race as a mayoral candidate on Aug. 8.

"I haven't changed at all," Lee said when reporters questioned his 180-degree turnaround. "I've just made a change of mind in terms of running for this office." Read more »

A song and dance at City Hall


It was a lively scene on the steps of City Hall Aug. 2, as back-to-back press events featured live performances, lots of cheering, and support for new legislation that supporters hope will benefit low-wage workers, small businesses, and musicians.

Spirits were high at the Progressive Workers' Alliance (PWA) rally, as organizers anticipated strong support for an ordinance they helped craft which aims to prevent wage theft by strengthening the powers of the city's Office of Labor Standards & Enforcement (OLSE). Read more »

Conservationists say stronger protections needed for sharks


An international marine conservation organization is calling on the federal government to protect the world's dwindling shark populations by banning imports of shark products from countries that have weak protections in place.

In an Aug. 1 letter to the National Marine Fisheries Service, Oceana asks the U.S. government to ban imports of shark products, such as dried fins, from China, Japan, Indonesia, and a dozen other countries where conservation regulations governing shark fishing are weaker than in the United States. Read more »

Ethics Commission to discuss Progress for All


San Francisco Chronicle reporter John Cote's scoop highlighting how Recology executives were working behind the scenes under pressure from Chinatown power broker Rose Pak to encourage Mayor Ed Lee to seek a full term is just the latest development for a committee that's raised eyebrows already, and it may be just the beginning. Read more »

Police say they've recovered gun used by Harding


The San Francisco Police Department issued a statement this afternoon announcing that the gun that fired the fatal shot at Kenneth Wade Harding Jr. has been found. Read more »