Saadia Malik

The inside outsider

Why does a private contractor have a free city office space and inside access to top officials who keep extending his contracts?

A private-sector engineering and construction consultant has worked for years out of the San Francisco Department of Public Works (DPW) offices for free, using public resources and having inside access to top department officials, a status gained through a questionable competitive bidding process, a Guardian investigation has revealed.

Andrew Petreas, senior project manager for Environmental and Construction Solutions, Inc. (ECS), which has done contract work for DPW since 2004, has a city e-mail address. Read more »

Greener than thou

Green City: A look at Mayor Newsom's newest green initiatives


GREEN CITY Mayor Gavin Newsom has made a high profile push for several new green initiatives in recent weeks, a concerted political move that comes just as he and his political team are aggressively working to subvert a city ballot measure that would make far bigger gains in combating climate change and greening the city's energy portfolio than anything he's proposing.

"San Franciscans should be ashamed that they have a mayor who is greenwashing and gay-washing his way to the governor's mansion," Julian Davis, campaign manager for Proposition H, the Cl Read more »

Changing buses

Proposed Muni route changes are causing concern as decision time nears

It seems as though whatever changes to the Muni system the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency adopts, some people on the buses are bound to be upset. That decision could come as soon as next month, when the agency will consider acting on recommendations from its Transit Effectiveness Project (TEP) studies.

The proposed changes were presented to the SFMTA board of directors Sept. Read more »