Tim Redmond

The 8 Washington shit show


The latest problem with the 8 Washington condo project emerged March 12 when the Chron reported on a new study that shows construction of the most pricey condos in San Francisco history could threaten a major sewer line that serves a quarter of the city. Read more »

Poverty among plenty -- and it's getting worse


Check out the news this week:

The Associate Press reports that there are increasing numbers of homeless and poor people in Silicon Valley. The piece almost sounds like something I would write:Read more »

Next, the Treasure Island sellout


Now that he's done such a bang-up job negotiating a deal for the CMPC hospital, leaving the supervisors to clean up the mess, does anyone think that the hurry-up-and-finish-in-time-for-a-China-trip talks with Rose Pak and Willie Brown (who has his own interests here, too) will have Read more »

SF approaches 1 million residents


So the Association of Bay Area Governments, which plays an outsized role in local planning by making all sorts of projections, based on whatever economists and demographers use to make projections, that are supposed to guide how cities in the region make land-use decisions, says San Francisco should be prepared to see its population grow to 964,000 people by 2035.If you figure that's only an estimate, and probably off by at least five percent, we could be talking about a millio Read more »

Editor's notes

It's the Information Age -- so why do our public officials hoard data?


EDITOR'S NOTES Way back in the early 1980s, when I had a lot more hair and it wasn't so grey, I got a tip that the San Francisco school district had a serious problem with asbestos contamination. My colleague Jim Balderston and I checked it out, and yes indeed — the toxic stuff was in so many classrooms that thousands of students were at risk.

After we broke that news, and the district started scrambling to clean up the mess, we asked ourselves: How were things allowed to get to that point? Who screwed up? Who let it happen?Read more »

White House supports cell-phone petition


A petition calling for legislation to legalize unlocking cell phones has passed the magic 100,000 mark, mandating a White House response -- and guess what? The Obama administration says it agrees that consumers should have the right to reprogram their phones to work on any carrier's network.Read more »

Just ignore the Chamber of Commerce


The Chronicle made a big deal of the fact that the Chamber of Commerce has a "21-point advocacy agenda" that "could weaken" the city's "boundry pushing legislation and pro-labor policies."

But really, nobody should even care.Read more »

The day in gay sports -- very cool and very ugly


Three remarkable news stories today show the beautiful and the ugly side of LGBT issues in sports, and suggest that, despite the remaining bigotry, there's hope.Read more »

Public broadband works; why not here?


There's a fascinating new map that the Institute for Local Self Reliance has put together that shows how 342 communities around the United States are now offering publicly owned, cheap, reliable broadband and cable service to local residents and businesses. Check it out here. Then check out why the fastest networks in the nation are built by local governments:Read more »

Look who supports same-sex marriage


The latest Field Poll is very good news for supporters of same-sex marriage in California -- residents of this state now support gay nuptials by almost 2-1. That's a dramatic change since 2008, when Prop. 8 passed; in fact, the poll shows the approval margin widening significantly in just the past two years. Read more »