Tim Redmond

Lean into it, Gavin!


The Gavster, the Lite Guv, our former mayor, has a new book out, and while I eagerly await my review copy of "Citizenville," I got to hear some of its themes on Forum. Here's what the honorable Lieutenant Governor Newsom has to say:

You've got to "lean into it."

Oh, and you need to "get into their heads."Read more »

The Cal GOP thinks the ACLU is "communist."


It's not a surprise that the California Republican Party is, ahem, a bit out of step with the mainstream of the state (you see a lot of Repubs holding statewide office right now? I don't.) And of course a San Francisco woman of color who isn't a complete right-wing loon is going to have trouble running for a state party office. But what made the Chron's story on Harmeet Dhillon so amazing was this:Read more »

The happiest city -- for some


Not to go all gloomy on a day when it's finally not cold and the sun is out and San Francisco was just named the happiest city in America, (based on things like the number of shopping centers and cultural events), but really: Let's not all jump up and down and celebrate. This is a very happy city for people who have money; it's becoming a very anxiety-filled city for everyone else.Read more »

An Ellis Act boycott list


Jeremy Mykaels, who is featured in our story this week on Ellis Act evictions, is fighting back with his reseach and web-developer skills: He's put together a site, ellishurtsseniors.org, that details not only his story and the overall plight of tenants but lists every Ellis Act eviction involving seniors or disabled people, the address, the name and contact info. Read more »

Editor's notes

Sorry we're not sorry, TIC owners -- the law applies to you, too



EDITORS NOTES People who rent apartments aren't second-class citizens. In fact, under San Francisco laws, they have (and ought to have) many of the same rights as the landed gentry.

If you rent a place in this city, and you pay the rent on time, and abide by the terms of the lease, you should be able to stay in your home (and yes, it IS your home) as long as you want. The rent can only go up by a modest amount every year.Read more »

Is City College's main critic out of control?


The oversight board that's demanding big, often unpopular changes at City College carries the name of the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, and it's approval is essential for any school that wants to get taken seriously. Without accreditation, there's no state funding, students can't get loans, diplomas don't count for much -- in other words, losing the ACCJA seal of approval is a death sentence.Read more »

The mayor and condo conversions


We all know how Mayor Ed Lee got his start as a tenant advocate, and we all know that every tenant group in the city is fighting bitterly to stop Sup. Scott Wiener's legislation that would allow more condo conversions. Read more »

American Idol, Steven Tyler in Drag edition


This shit's getting so strange that you start to wonder if singing alone is enough to keep the Idol franchise going. In Oklahoma City, (thankfully) the last stop before the real action begins in Hollywood, Nicki Minaj is wearing weird leggings, Mariah Carey has some sort of diamond suit on, and Steven Tyler has a dress and a wig.Read more »

Harvey Milk and Cesar Chavez


The Chron continues its jihad against Harvey Milk Airport today, arguing that the price tag airport administrators came up with -- $4 million -- makes the plan too expensive. Not that $4 million is a trivial amount of money, but please: Compared to the tax breaks, upzonings, and other giveaways the the city routinely hands over to big corporations, this is birdseed. That's if we can trust the folks at SFO, who are opposed to the name change. Read more »

More unregulated cabs on the street


So the state regulators have decided that it's just fine for companies that pretend not to be taxi operators to operate taxis in San Francisco. That means Lyft and Uber can keep picking up passengers, charging them a "recommended donation" and avoiding the regulations that San Francisco wisely put in place to pro Read more »