Tiny a.k.a. Lisa Gray-Garcia

The screams of dead children -- everywhere


The screams of a thousand dead children wail through my mind. Read more »

SF Stories: Tiny

A party without my friends


46TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL I have a Vision..(Too!)

of poor people-led revolutions and clan mothers wit solutions including the many colored, many spirited, humble people who still remain in San Francisco even though we are systematically incarcerated, profiled, shot or just hated Used by akkkademic institutions, Nonprofiteering, complex over-funded government collusions — From gang ijunctions to sit-lie laws —

Arresting poor folks of color for no just cause

From Ambassador security guards to Stop ' n' Frisk-Read more »

Gated communities of hate

When did we start believing that only certain people deserve to be out in public?


OPINION "I have been arrested for 3 times in one day for sitting on the street in San Francisco" PoorNewsNetwork panhandler reporter and my fellow "poverty skolar" Papa Bear reported in our monthly community newsroom meeting last week.

As Papa Bear reported on yet another example of being arrested for the sole act of being poor, black and houseless in America, I received a text message from Berkeley that after a second round of seven hours of testimony against the proposal to put a sit-lie measure on the November ballot, it was approved anyway.Read more »

Making black herstory, every day

Let's make February count this year



Deconstructing the roots of

The black n gray suits

with hands in the Loot

That has buried the truth

About our black, brown and disabled youth

— excerpt from KKKourt by TinyRead more »

Standing up for Troy Davis

Sometimes the best way to take action is to just open your mouth 



OPINION We were all standing there in different states of hegemony — some of us bought in to the lie of security and police, believing we had done wrong or fucked up and some of us not. It was Wednesday, September 21, the day of the state-sponsored legal lynching of Troy Anthony Davis, and there were easily 210 of us standing in a line snaking out of the building. We were in the Cop Store the Police Bank, the building known simply as the Hall of (In)Justice, 850 Bryant.Read more »

Fresh and Easy displacement

Bayview's new grocery store has little to offer working class families


OPINION You could cut the hate with a knife. All eyes were on my fumbling fingers, unable to sign my WIC coupons fast enough with one hand while holding my 13-month-old son with the other. "Somebody's using welfare checks to pay for their food," A 20 something man in a polo shirt shouted into his phone next to me.Read more »

Killed for riding while poor

A young man was shot for not having a transfer


OPINION We sat together: elders, youth, workers, students, and folks. We were on our way to a low-paid job, an overpriced university, a pre-gentrified home and a public school. There was laughter and shouts, murmurs and silence. Then suddenly, there were nine heavily armed police officers and fare inspectors walking through the crowded 14 Mission Muni line. One stopped in front of me and my son.Read more »

State of the art displacement

California Pacific Medical Center is proposing to build a hospital that isn't really needed, in a community it isn't really geared toward

OPINION What does the loss of 11 residences and a few jobs matter if it means a state-of-the-art hospital will be built?

That's the question Examiner columnist Ken Garcia asked Oct. 20. Read more »

Am I illegal mama?

We are people who believe that not only is no human being illegal, but that all these borders are false constructs

OPINION "Am I illegal mama?" My mixed-race, Mexican, Chinese, Puerto Rican, and Irish six-year-old son gazed up at me with the largest of puppy eyes after we watched a corporate media television report on Mayor Gavin Newsom's rejection of the legislation by David Campos that would give due process to migrant youth caught up in the criminal in-justice system.

After recovering from my sorrow at my son's logical interpretation of our criminalizing, dehumanizing society, I went on to explain that as far as I was concerned no human is illegal — or an alien, for that matt Read more »