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Occupy Wall Street West

OccupySF revs back up for a day of nonviolent mass action to connect their protest against Wall Street banks and corporations to foreclosures, evictions, and homelessness here in San Francisco. The day will include teach-ins, marches, rallies, and "many ways to participate without risking arrest!"

Mobilizations at 6 a.m., noon, and 5 p.m., free

101 Market, SF Read more »

Occupy Nation

Let's take back the country — starting now, by planning a tour to occupy the country



The Occupy movement that spread across the country last fall has already changed the national discussion: It's brought attention to the serious, systemic problem of gross inequities of wealth and power and the mass hardships that have resulted from that imbalance.

Occupy put a new paradigm in the political debate — the 1 percent is exploiting the 99 percent — and it's tapping the energy and imagination of a new generation of activists.Read more »

Protesters climb on Wells Fargo roof to protest evictions


Activists held a massive banner and pitched a tent on the roof of the Wells Fargo branch at 16th and Mission Jan 14, while 150 supporters watched from the parking lot. Seven were arrested.

Organizers say the demonstration was meant to draw attention to the bank’s complicity in unfair foreclosures and evictions.

The protest was planned by a coalition of Bay Area housing rights and homelessness advocacy groups, along with organizers from Occupy San Francisco.Read more »

Obstructions of justice

Controversial arrests of OccupyOakland participants raise civil liberties concerns


The uneasy relationship between OccupyOakland and the Oakland Police Department has resulted in a troubling spate of controversial arrests recently.

At a press conference last month, Police Chief Howard Jordan stated, "The plaza area outside of City Hall is a public area. We do not have any legal right to remove you if you're standing there, at any time during the day, if you're exercising you're First Amendment rights. If you're not breaking the laws, we're not concerned about your presence."Read more »

Review: Keep it couch-side for Courtney Trouble's latest Live Sex Show


The phrase “live sex show” invokes a history of glitzy spectacle designed for the viewer eager to escape the intimate, nuanced relationships of home. But a recently released film from director Courtney Trouble turns that idea on its head. Filmed at the Center for Sex and Culture’s annual Masturbate-A-Thon, every scene from Trouble's Live Sex Show (Trouble Films) takes places on and around a grand green couch – and the live sex that takes place is as intimate and nuanced as it gets.

Read more »

OccupyOakland vigil dismantled, 11 arrested


After several nights of threats, the OccupyOakland vigil at 14th and Broadway was dismantled last night by police, and this latest incident in a series of aggressive arrests has prompted the Interfaith Tent group to pledge to return today at 2 pm to protest at the spot.

Eleven people were arrested throughout the incident. Seven have been charged with obstruction of justice. Bail has been set at $5,000. Others have additional misdemeanor and felony charges, and are being held in lieu of between $10,000 and $30,000 in bail.Read more »

OccupyOakland rings in the new year with protests against police


Occupy Oakland kicked off the year with two marches protesting police and prisons. A march to the Oakland City Jail on New Year’s Eve was followed by a march against police brutality on New Year’s Day, ending with a rally against police violence. Speakers at the rally indicated that the Bay’s most radicalized Occupy group may focus on an anti-police repression theme in the new year.Read more »

All backed up

City begins to rectify chronic problems with overflowing sewers after settling a lawsuit



In February 2004, San Francisco saw an usually strong winter storm. More than an inch and a half of rain fell within 30 minutes, too much to handle for the wastewater system, which in parts of the city is more than 100 years old. In the Mission and Bayview, some homes were flooded with rainwater and raw sewage.Read more »

Occupying the future

Forum raises the question of what's next for Occupy and the audience offers myriad answers


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It was a funny feeling, seeing so many faces from Occupy San Francisco and Occupy Oakland in the bright, clean "Gold Room" of San Francisco's Commonwealth Club, particularly after spending so many nights camping with them and covering the movement.Read more »

Occupy Berkeley's overnight clashes with police


In an afternoon raid, the Berkeley Police Department cleared what was left of the Occupy Berkeley protest encampment. Here’s our account of protesters’ attempts to defend the camp last night and early this morning.Read more »