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High whore holy day: A San Francisco tradition turns nine


It was Saturday, December 17. A jazz funeral was being held for victims of violence against sex workers at the Center for Sex and Culture. Post-event, its message was still resonating in its attendees. “The holiday was beautiful," sex activist and post-porn star Annie Sprinkle told the Guardian about the ninth year of the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers that she helped to found. 

The tradition goes back to 2003, when hundreds of sex workers and their allies came together on the steps of San Francisco’s City Hall. Gary Ridgeway, Seattle’s “Green River Killer,” had just been convicted, having confessed to murdering 90 women over 20 years before he was caught. Prostitutes, he said, "were easy to pick up without being noticed...I thought I could kill as many of them as I wanted without getting caught.” Read more »

Revolutionary bedfellows: What Occupy has in common with the sex-positive movement


Guardian reporter Yael Chanoff embedded at the Occupy SF and Occupy Oakland encampments during the months-long protest. Here, she reflects on the non-monogamy movement and what it could mean for the 99 percent

Temperatures were running high at Occupy San Francisco. After a day of hard work, the protesters were decompressing. Talented musicians shared their instruments with friends and strangers in impromptu jam sessions. 

The evening in question took place during Occupy SF's early stages, back when police would swarm at the first sign of a tent being propped up, and all of the 200 or so people who camped out that night mingled and slept in the open air. I sat with two young women and three young men who were all topless, leaning on each other and using laps as pillows. 

Another occupier, who said he had arrived that day, wandered by. “So,” he asked, “Is this thing about free love?”

“I don’t know” the guy next to me replied. He shrugged at the newcomer. “But we’re definitely doing that.” Read more »

OccupyOakland extends Port blockade into second day


Early this morning, the protesters carrying out Oakland’s part in yesterday’s national “West Coast Port Shutdown” declared victory after 24 hours of demonstrations. After picketing during both the 8am and 6pm shifts at the Port of Oakland yesterday, protesters decided to extend the day of action to the 3 am shift today (Tues/13). Read more »

Police arrest 55 in early morning raid at Occupy SF


After more than two months, police have successfully cleared out all of the Occupy SF encampment on Market Street between Main Street and the Embarcadero. In an early morning raid, police completely cleared out the Occupy SF protest site at 101 Market St. Read more »

OccupySF retakes plaza to debate whether to keep it


OccupySF and its supporters defended Justin Herman Plaza last night (Wed/7) in a strong display of nonviolent action, demonstrating a commitment to the movement. But the unfolding events also showed the group is at a crossroads as it debates its next moves, and whether to continue trying to occupy the plaza after the group's tent city was removed by police and city workers.Read more »

State of the occupations

Occupy acts against foreclosure and college cuts; OccupySF holds its ground; and writers discuss the movement's future


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Another Occupy offshoot sprung up at San Francisco State University Dec. 1 when about 150 students attended a march and rally that culminated at Malcolm X Plaza, now the site of the San Francisco's newest Occupy camp.Read more »

OccupySF awaits police raid after rejecting city ultimatum


A police raid that could wipe out OccupySF, one of the country's largest remaining Occupy camps, now seems imminent after the protest group rejected the city’s ultimatum to either voluntarily move to school district property at 1950 Mission Street or face forced eviction.Read more »

The faces and voices of Occupy

A mechanic, a nurse, a leukemia patient, a cat owner, and a pair of queer activists: Don't believe the hype, they are occupiers too


Who are the 99 percent — and what are they saying? It's not what you read in the daily papers

To read some of the accounts in the daily papers in San Francisco, and hear some of the national critics, you'd think the people in the local Occupy movement were mostly filthy, drunk, violent social outcasts just looking for a place to party. Or that they're mad-eyed anarchists who can't wait to break windows and throw bottles at the police. Or that they're a confused and leaderless band that can't figure out what it wants.Read more »

Police raid part of OccupySF


Police dismantled the OccupySF protest and campsite in front of the Federal Reserve building early Sunday morning.Read more »





Confront the UC Regents

Editor's Note: The UC canceled this meeting as we were going to press, citing public safety concerns, and protest organizers were figuring out how to respond. Check our Politics blog or www.makebankspaycalifornia.com for the latest.Read more »