The missing element of the Renewable Energy study


Since San Francisco's Local Agency Formation Commission is meeting Dec. 7 to talk about renewable energy, I went and read the 100-page report of the Mayor's Task Force on Renewable Energy, which offers 39 different suggestions for meeting the goal of 100 renewable electricity in the city by 2020.Read more »

Newsom doesn't read the Guardian!



Gav was on KQED this morning, talking about his run for Lite Guv, and he started right off by saying how he doesn't ever -- ever -- read the Bay Guardian

Michael Krasny started off by asking why Newsom refused to appear on the radio in a debate with Janice Hahn. "She agreed, you didn't." Krasny asked. "Why?"Read more »

Never mind the budget, Gavin's worried about himself


So this afternoon, the governor released a truly horrifying mid-year budget revise, a bloody proposal that would eliminate CALWORKS, the state's major welfare program, and cut billions out of other essential services. Calitics puts it nicely:Read more »

Green cards in hand, Washingtons want Newsom to discuss immigrant youth policy. In person.


Tracey Washington and her 13-year old son heard today that their green card applications have been approved. This means that they will not be deported to Australia, and their personal immigration nightmare is over. Read more »

This is what you get, Gavin


For hiring a scorched-earth guy like Garry South, who will turn on you in a second.

Transamerica condos: the mystery continues


I’m not going to actually suggest that anyone watch all four hours-plus of the Planning Commission hearing last week on the highrise condo tower at 555 Washington. But if you’ve got the time, it’s a fascinating video.Read more »

The "Newsom wins" merry-go-round: What fun


Gavin Newsom still hasn’t said for sure that he’s in the race for lt. governor, although just about everyone in town now thinks he's going for it.

But the very prospect of the mayor leaving office before his term is up has the political classes speculating: Who gets that job? And how does it happen?

It’s actually pretty interesting. Read more »

Gavin watch: The Lt. Gov. rumors


The rumors that Newsom is going to announce imminently that he’s running for Lt. Governor turned out to be a bit premature.

But I am still hearing from very solid sources that he’s seriously considering jumping into the race -- and while the San Francisco left didn’t back his run for governor, this would be a very different campaign. The Lt. Gov. isn’t really in charge of anything, but has a certain amount of power, not just from the platform and the ability to issue press statements (one of Newsom’s favorite hobbies), but because that person gets a seat on the state Lands Commission (offshore oil drilling) and the U.C. Regents (education cuts). Newsom would most likely be fine on both issues.

And the truth is, we all know Newsom doesn’t really want to be a wine clerk.

And lieutenant governors are often well positioned to move on to higher offices it worked for John Kerry, for example (and for Gray Davis, if you call that working). I think Newsom would love to position himself to run for U.S. Senate when Dianne Feinstein, who will be 79 when her current term expires in 2012, decides to retire.

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Newsom's gonna run? That's what we're hearing


Gavin Newsom's going to announce his campaign for Lt. Governor in a few days.

That's what inside sources are telling us, anyway. (And the rumor's been circulating for a bit.) The mayor has been making a lot of phone calls in the past few days, checking in with supporters and lining up allies. And he's ready to make the leap.

(Other sources say just the opposite, but such is San Francisco politics.)Read more »

Why Newsom drives me nuts


This is the kind of thing that drive me nuts about the Newsom administration.

A few days ago, SF Appeal ran an item on a speech Newsom gave about condo conversions. The mayor wants to let more people turn rental units and tenancy-in-common units into condominiums; that, Newsom argues, will bring more revenue into the city treasury (those conversion permits are expensive).

But there’s a reason why the city limits to 200 the number of units that can be converted in any one year. Turning a rental unit into a condo reduces the number of rentals available, and turning a rent-controlled unit into a condo (or into a TIC and then a condo) cuts into the affordable housing stock.

And a majority of the supervisors, who recognize the impact the mayor’s plan would have on tenants (by making it easier to take rental units off the market), are dubious.

Okay, that’s a difference of opinion. You don’t have to make it personal. And yet, at his press conference, the mayor insisted that

“Half of the members of the board have been beneficiaries of condo conversions, and yet they deny it to other people."

As the Appeal pointed out, that’s simply untrue.

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