18 Reasons

Family meal: 18 Reasons joins forces with neighbor Three Squares to extend reach of healthy eating


Community food hub 18 Reasons has always had the back of the well-meaning kitchen newbie. With a cafe space, educational programming, and tasting events geared towards making a healthy, sustainable diet doable, since 2007 when the organization's co-founders brought in Bi-Rite Market, a happy partner for the little space located a block from the family grocery store's Mission digs. Read more »

Food for thought: 18 Reasons' class series encourages the slow chew


Hippocrates said, “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. The axiom certainly sounds nice rolling off the tongue, but curative qualities aside, you'll never stick to healthy if it doesn't taste good. Luckily here in the Bay Area we have Carley Hauck of Intuitive Wellness, who proves in her "Mindful Eating and Cooking" series at community food hub 18 Reasons that comestibles can indeed be medicinal, and that medicine can taste amazing.

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