99 percent

Why Wall Street loves the War on Drugs


The raid on Oaksterdam has just about everyone in local politics engaging in a little head-scratching: What possible reason would the Obama administration have to crack down on medical marijuana in an election year? How does it help the president, who will be facing an unsettled and angry electorate in a still-tough economy, to alienate the pot smoking liberals of the world, who were at one point among his most loyal constituents?

What a fucking idiot.Read more »

Ed Lee's 100 percent


I expected a lot of talk about togetherness at the mayor's inauguration, but Ed Lee went a step further: He acually announced that he wants to be the mayor "for the 100 percent." That's a remarkable statement when you think about it, and it indicates to me that Lee doesn't want to be, and isn't going to be, and activist leader.Read more »