Our annual tribute to queers who grabbed our attention and held it


AIDS-era nostalgia gripped popular culture recently with several acclaimed documentaries (including Oscar-nominated How to Survive a Plague) and the Tony-winning revival of Larry Kramer's play "A Normal Heart" (soon to be an HBO movie with Julia Roberts). But a new generation was also rediscovering the disruptive tactics of ACT-UP. Read more »

Where were you?

New San Francisco AIDS doc We Were Here is an act of emotional archeology, digging up often astonishing tidbits about life during the onset of the epidemic 


FILM Amid the worshipful bromides that attended the 100th birthday of zombie Ronald Reagan on Feb. 6, gay blogger Joe.My.God. helped bring back to light a transcript of a 1982 press briefing Q&A session between Reagan administration spokesman Larry Speakes and journalist Lester Kinsolving. It's the first known time that AIDS was brought up at the White House.Read more »