Amanda Lepore

Amanda Lepore brings the body heat


"You know how I'm obsessed with coordinating my outfits," NYC club legend and "most expensive body in the world" Amanda Lepore breathed into the phone, in advance of her Sat/14 appearance at Beaux in the Castro. "So I spend time getting ready for a night out. If I don't have a coat that matches I just grab one of my stoles -- and then run out real quick to get the cab!" 

I had asked her how she stays so put together, out at all hours in the winter cold. (Lord knows the plastic fantastic chanteuse and fashion muse shouldn't stand too close to a heater.) But of course she's a champion, having been at the club kid forefront for two decades. Her influence on nightlife glamour -- and appetite for parties -- has been enormous, despite her petite frame. 

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