BART Police

Scenes from #opBART: video of the Civic Center protests


Protesters shut down afternoon rush hour BART operations on Aug. 15 as part of a campaign by international hacker group Anonymous in response to the transit agency's unprecedented move to shut off cell service to prevent a protest. Here's footage from underground at Civic Center Station, and on the street as stranded commuters sought a way home:

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Waves of protest pound at BART, shutting down stations


Watch exclusive SFBG video of the Civic Center protest here.

The latest battle between BART and its growing group of grassroots foes played out during today’s (Mon/15) afternoon rush hour, shutting down some San Francisco stations.

What started as a fizzled anti-police brutality protest at BART's Civic Center station has spiraled into a San Francisco moment with echoes of the Arab Spring and V For Vendetta. Following an unprecedented decision by BART officials to preemptively cut off cell phone service on August 11, in a bid to disrupt a protest that never developed, public outrage led to further protest today and a hacking attack on by the notorious international hacker group Anonymous over the weekend.

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The BART shooting: Fishier and fishier


BART's official account of the latest shooting -- and the assertion that the officers acted properly -- is starting to look more and more dubious.Read more »