Bay Guardian

Ownership in Guardian's parent company may shift


Greetings, Guardianistas. Almost a year ago, when we went through a management struggle here the newspaper, I promised to let readers know if we encountered any threats to our editorial independence from our San Francisco Print Media Co. owners.Read more »

The Guardian, the Examiner, and the Weekly


As you can all imagine, I'm getting calls and emails, so let me clear it up: Yes, San Francisco Newspaper Co. has bought SF Weekly.

Yes, Todd Vogt is the co-owner of the Examiner, Guardian and now Weekly, but for the record, I am the editor and publisher of the Guardian.Read more »

A Guardian announcement


After 45 years of "printing the news and raising hell" -- and contributing significantly to the cultural and political vibrancy of the Bay Area -- Bay Guardian co-publishers Bruce Brugmann and Jean Dibble are stepping down from day-to-day operations at the paper.

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