Beer and Wine 2013

So crafty

BEER + WINE ISSUE: Tap rooms! Breweries! Wine bars! Keep up with all the latest openings (and what's coming soon)


BEER + WINE San Francisco is awash in a sea of suds right now, and based on the number of wine bars that keep opening, it's like there's a citywide edict that every neighborhood has to have at least one good wine bar — not like that's a bad thing. It's a lot to keep track of, though, which gets extra-challenging when alcohol is involved (hic), so consider this your handy cheat sheet on all the latest places to hit.


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Killer vermouth

BEER + WINE ISSUE: The aperitif ace up Carl Sutton's sleeve


BEER + WINE This is the kind of Facebook post we've come to expect from Sutton Cellars in Dogpatch: "After a birthday party at the winery last night, helping to break up a skinhead girl fight at Slim's while watching Hepcat, and staying way past last call at Nopa ... We'll be opening a little late today. Come join us for Sutton and soda."Read more »