I see pugs, I see France...


Vive Le Pug! isn't your average dog park get-together — it's a French revolution-themed party for pug lovers and their pups, with food, wine, and activities for both four- and two-legged friends. The festivities benefit Central Coast Pug Rescue, which is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of unwanted, abused, displaced, and neglected pugs, regardless of their age or condition.

The event is on Bastille Day — Sun/14, naturellement — and although the event focuses on raising money for pugs, it's open to all breeds, so bring out your Air Buds and Scooby Doos, too. "We're a very open society," Layne Gray, one of the event coordinators, said. "The event is for pugs, but we're lovers of all dogs."

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