Nite Trax: DJ Toph One in ICU after hit and run


[UPDATED BELOW] Gah! One of my favorite SF nightlife people, DJ Toph One, is in intensive care at SF General after being struck by a hit-and-run driver while bicycling on Sunday morning. As reported yesterday by SF Appeal:

"The bicyclist was struck shortly after midnight [Sun/8] near the corner of Ocean and Geneva avenues near City College of San Francisco, San Francisco police officer Albie Esparza said.

"Witnesses said the vehicle involved in the collision fled the scene."

I've just now learned that the victim is Toph -- a longtime bike activist and producer of such quintessential long-running parties as Red Wine and Pepper.

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Brown vetoes bicycle buffer zone


Anyone who has ever ridden a bicycle knows how scary and dangerous it is when cars pass too closely at high speed. So the California Bicycle Coalition made its top legislative priority for the year a bill, SB 910, to require drivers to give bicyclists a three-foot buffer or slow down to 15 mph. And even though the Legislature overwhelmingly approved this reasonable traffic safety measure, Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed it on Friday.Read more »

Bike Coalition gives Avalos its top endorsement


Back in May, I noted how mayoral candidates John Avalos and David Chiu seemed to be the only candidates courting the votes of San Francisco bicyclists, noting that the 13,000-plus-member San Francisco Bicycle Coalition was one of the city's largest grassroots political organizations. Since then, Ed Lee jumped into the race and also made a point of supporting and seeking support from the city's bicycling community.Read more »

Buche on a bike? Dreams come true, courtesy of El Taco Bike


Why does Alfonso Dominguez, owner of Oakland's Tamarindo, La Calle, and partial owner of Era Art Bar and Lounge, spend his free time hawking tacos from a bike? An avid cyclist and owner of six different bikes himself, we got the idea talking to him last week that Dominguez built El Taco Bike to prove it was possible in the first place.

We're in full support. Too few snack foods come off the back of bicycles these days. Read more »

A new kind of biker bar


Rapha Cycle Club is altering my mental image of what a biker bar is. For one thing, the walls are all really white. For others, I can shop, I can order a cup of Four Barrel and a Telltale Preserve croissant, I can watch the Tour de France – but I can't have a beer. 

That's because it's a clothing shop, mainly. But as manager Emily Haddad (who Rapha imported to SF from her gig at an Austin bike shop specifically to work at the new space) tells me, it's so much more. 

“It's a bar, but one where everyone's drinking coffee.” Read more »


TRUE TRAVEL TALES: Cruising the Buenos Aires bike scene


I couldn't take my eyes off it. It was gorgeous: a two-way protected bicycle lane. It went the length of Figueroa Alcorta Avenue, a wide, tree-covered boulevard that traverses Buenos Aires' central neighborhoods. And people were riding bikes on it — cruisers and those funky low-riding foldable bikes. It was a totally different but super-familiar scene. I had to join.Read more »

Our bike falls in love


Our bike spotted this super clean tag in the Lower Haight the other day. It was drawn to the piece not just for its subject matter (you know how bikes tend to stick with their own kind), but also because of the composition. Check those lines! Dynamic! Hot. It was in love.  Read more »

Pedaling out in front: Bike Music Festival 2011 shows us what it takes


Chilling in the middle of Saturday evening traffic in the Stanyan-Kezar intersection doesn't seem like a situation engineered to produce warm fuzzy feelings. But the aggressive honk cloud of surely confused, possibly perturbed automobiles behind me mattered little – I was digging too much on the tandems, trailers, and trees rolling past me on two (and three, holler back trikes!) wheels. 

In a way, that was all part one of the Bicycle Music Festival organizers, Paul “Fossil Fool” Freedman's plan. Freedman (who we profiled in our recent Bike To Work issue), co-founder Gabe Dominguez, the Rock the Bike crew, and a superhuman pack of volunteers, staged the fifth year of their outdoor festival on June 18. Once again, it was completely pedal-powered, from the stage to the smoothies. Read more »

Two bike photo projects show love for the movement


We're in a moment of bike love. Bikes are hot: in SF the weather's hot, the Bicycle Music Festival's coming up, an extended network of bike paths is on their way – and around the world, there's a lot of energy surrounding the rise of two-wheeled transport. It's an important time for bicycles, so let look at how it's being documented. 

One way: Matthew Finkle and Brittain Sullivan are the authors of a book called – yes – I Love My Bike (Chronicle Books, $16.95, 160 pages) that recently landed in our Guardian mailbox. Finkle and Sullivan, the book's intro tells me, met on a bike ride on a summer night in Boston and subsquently pedaled across the country with each other, snapping flicks of their bikey buddies along the way. Read more »

Rolling recreation

Three carfree dog days adventures


SUMMER GUIDE "We definitely try to de-emphasize Iron Man trips," says Justin Eichenlaub, author of Post-Car Adventuring, the eminently usable guide to low carbon camping, hiking, and cruising trips around the Bay Area, Although Eichenlaub and coauthor Kelly Gregory want to include all fitness levels in the fun, make no mistake — they're hardcore.Read more »