Board of Supervisors

Supervisors make the Chamber of Commerce happy


You want a sense of what's happened to politics at City Hall? Here you go: the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce is thrilled.

The Chamber just released its 2011 voting scorecard on the Board of Supervisors (which it calls the "Paychecks and Pink Slips Scorecard," as if most of the stuff the Chamber supports had anything to do with actual job creation), and guess what? The board is more pro-downtown than it has been in a while:Read more »

The new board committes: Not great news


Board President David Chiu has released the new committee assignments for 2012, and they aren't a whole lot different from last year's -- except in a few areas. And they aren't exactly an indication of progressive power.Read more »

Lots of buzz and politicking around D5 appointment


There is eager speculation – and lots of public and private pressure being applied to Mayor Ed Lee – over the question of who he will appoint to fill the District 5 seat on the Board of Supervisors that is being vacated by Sheriff-elect Ross Mirkarimi.

Anti-progressive entities from the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce to the San Francisco Chronicle are urging Lee to appoint a fellow moderate to the solidly progressive seat, despite the outrage that would trigger on the left and the difficulty that appointee would likely have keeping the seat after the November election.Read more »

End war, bring that money home -- a controversial proposition, even in SF?


A substantial majority of Americans support ending the war in Afghanistan, decreasing the military budget, and redirecting that money to domestic needs, a position held even more strongly in liberal San Francisco. Read more »

A step forward and step back for SF's homeless families


As San Francisco grapples with a record-high number of homeless families seeking shelter space during the holiday season, a pair of homeless policy discussions at yesterday's Board of Supervisors meeting highlighted shortcomings and missed opportunities in the city's approach to the issue.Read more »

Progressives split on bag ban, ex-cons


A couple of interesting votes at the Board of Supes Dec. 6. Sup. Ross Mirkarimi lost two pieces of legislation -- a mandate that stores charge for bags at checkout counters and a tax credit for companies that hire ex-offenders.Read more »

They have issues: Members of the new Board speak


Board President David Chiu touched off a broad political discussion in recent weeks with his statement that officials were elected “not to take positions, but to get things done.” Delivered just before his reelection as Board President with the solid backing of the board’s moderate faction, Chiu’s comment has been viewed in light of City Hall’s shifting political dynamic, a subject the Guardian explores in a Jan. 19 cover story. Politics aside, Chiu’s statement also begs the question: Just what do members of the board hope to get done, and how do they propose to accomplish the items on their agenda? Read more »

District 2 race divides Alioto clan


The Janet Reilly for District 2 Supervisor campaign today announced its endorsement by Angela Alioto, the former supervisor, mayoral candidate, and aunt of the current incumbent, Michela Alioto-Pier, who endorsed Reilly rival Mark Farrell in the race. Hmm, I wonder how this will go over at the next family gathering.Read more »