So Bootieful

The original mashup club turns 10. Plus: Jukebox, The Revenge, Clipping., Drag King Contest, more nightlife


SUPER EGO You'd figure that after 10 successful years and a franchise that rings the globe, including regular stops in São Paolo, Shanghai, Dublin, and Dubai, your party would at some point become an empty parody of itself, flailing through the same frantic motions, like a mime in a blender. But what if your club were based on a type of dance music — mashups — that was a kind of parody to begin with? And what if you focused your seemingly endless energy toward keeping San Francisco freakiness and anarchic fun at the fore?Read more »

Parties without borders

In the age of social media, San Francisco's wildest clubs (and shrewdest promoters) are taking over the world


"My body's over Guam somewhere."Read more »