Bounce castle: Nicky Da B makes his SF debut


I met New Orleans bounce artist Nicky Da B in a Mardi Gras beer bust at a Nola leather bar. His manager Rusty Lazer (check out my interview with  from the same trip) introduced us, shortly before the two ventured to the DJ booth upstairs where people started shedding clothes fast on the dancefloor.

And not (just!) for your run of the mill nightlife encounters that can be found at Eagles across the country -- they were doing fast, sweaty DJ and the hella diverse crowd was losing it, including the leathermen who were down to give the scene a try, or at least continue their standard bar-time activities while a bunch of twenty-somethings flung themselves around them. Asses were popping so fast you didn't know their owners' hip sockets were going to be okay, it was that kind of party. Come to think of it, New Orleans tends to be that kind of party. Read more »