Burning Man Guide

Burning Man takes anti-scalper and traffic control measures as tickets arrive


Most physical tickets to Burning Man were mailed out last week and, as many expected after a controversial ticket lottery with higher-than-expected demand, ticket scalpers were offering hundreds of tickets for more than double face value on websites such as Read more »

Burning Man ticket requests far exceed supply


Burners' worst fears are about to come true: they'll be denied tickets to Burning Man when the results of the new lottery-based system are announced on Wednesday. But organizers say if everyone stays calm and relies on their community then they'll probably still get tickets.Read more »

What not to M.O.O.P.

THE GUARDIAN GUIDE TO BURNING MAN: Burner designers move beyond disposable fashion



PLAYA PREP In Miranda Caroligne's Mission District sewing studio, there is a dress dummy covered in used Carhartt remnants that are being reborn as an asymmetrical mini-dress. It's a project that the designer, whose fanciful style has made her a popular check box on pre-Burning Man to-do lists, is working on for Margaret Long, a member of the Flaming Lotus Girls fire art collective. Please note: no fun fur or tribal accents are visible on the soon-to-be-dress.Read more »

The future of Burning Man

THE GUARDIAN GUIDE TO BURNING MAN: In setting up its new nonprofit, the Black Rock City LLC board is looking beyond the event



PLAYA PREP Burners everywhere were frantically preparing for the playa, or scrambling to find scarce tickets to Burning Man, which had just sold out for the first time in its 25-year history. But when the board members who stage Burning Man gathered in the 15th-floor conference room in their new Mid-Market headquarters to talk to the Guardian on July 28, they didn't even want to talk about the event that begins Aug. 29.Read more »

Scribe's Guide to Playa Prep

THE GUARDIAN GUIDE TO BURNING MAN: Tips and resources to get the most out of Burning Man



PLAYA PREP This is a crazy time of year for burners, when they begin to realize just how overly ambitious their art projects actually are, when the August calendar seems to shrink as to-do lists grow, and when procrastination morphs into panic — all of it laced with a giddy, distracting excitement about the dusty adventures to come.Read more »

The Guardian Guide to Burning Man

Our guide leads you to the best art and parties on the playa -- and helps you prepare for the journey of a lifetime


It's a Burning Man world

Burning Man dominates August in the Bay Area. It's everywhere, almost impossible to escape, even if you try. That's a never-ending source of irritation to those who don't go, particularly for those who are the rare holdouts in social circles filled with burners, where playa preparation, anticipation, and exaltation can unexpectedly snake their ways into any conversation.Read more »