Calvin Trillin

Calvin Trillin: Ron Paul, still standing


Ron Paul, Stll Standing

 Mitt's opposite number is still in the race.

Paul has his supporters; he has his own base.

He has his own style, which is folksy, not canned.

Religion? He's got one. His prophet's Ayn Rand.

By Rand's wacko theories he's fervently gripped,

So he  won't do the flip-flops. He long ago flipped.

Calvin Trillin, The Naton (5/14/2012

Calvin Trillin: The situation


So Mitt's officially an Etch A Sketch,

And Rick says JFK's speech made him retch.

Ron Paul's a ditz, and Gingrich is a letch.

Though nets are flung as far as tthey will stretch,

There isn't any white knight there to fetch.

Republicans thus sit around and kvetch.

Calvin Trillin: Deadline Poet: The Nation (4/16/2012)

Calvin Trillin: On not leaving the field


On not leaving the field

Ring-wingers who want to be heard

Note Newt's place is solidly third.

But if right wing votes were combined,

The front-runner might fall behind.

So they say to Newt, "Won't you go?"

And Newt, being Newt, answers no. Read more »

Calvin Trillin: Contraception is the big issue


Contraception (of all things)

Republicans are bashing birth control,

As candidates far-rightward scurry.

The voters haven't heard such talk in years.

We're going backward in a hurry.

Calvin Trillin: Deadline Poet (The Nation 3/26/2012)


Calvin Trillin: Romney unconcerned about the poor


Romney says he's not concerned about the poor

"The remark about the poor immediately became catalogued in a growing list of awkward comments by Mr. Romney." --The New York Times

His profile's divine.

His shoes have a shine;

They're almost as shined as his hair.

And voters ignore

That seeking Mitt's core

Has failed because nothing is there.

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Calvin Trillin: Deadline poet on Rick Perry and Tim Tebow


Rick Perry Compares Himself to Denver Broncos Quarterback Tim Tebow

So Perry is fond of debates now,

He's calling himself in these rumbles

An Iowa caucus Tebow--

Except for how he fumbles.

(Calvin Trillin, Deadline Poet, The Nation (1/9/2012)