Cannabis 2011

Haute pot

San Francisco's foodies are bringing new tastes and sensibilities to eating marijuana


CANNABIS Marijuana edibles have come a long way in a short time.

Just a few years ago, the norm was still brownies of uncertain dosage that tasted like eating weed, right down to the occasional stem or lump of leaf, served in a wax paper envelope. But now the foodies have gotten into the game, producing a huge variety of tasty treats that are incredibly delicious even before the munchies kick in.Read more »

State of the weed

Cannabis Issue: Medical cannabis industry thrives even as the economy and legalization movement sputter


CANNABIS When we did our first Cannabis Issue a year ago, the Bay Area's medical marijuana industry was booming, and there was high anticipation that California would soon legalize weed for everyone.

Proposition 19 divided even those who fully support decriminalizing cannabis — partly because the existing system was working so well in San Francisco and many other cities, so people were wary of an uncertain future — and voters rejected the measure in November.Read more »

Set the oven to blaze

Cannabis Issue: From turkeys to hot sauce, the new crop of weed cookbooks will have you stuffed and sailing


CANNABIS Used to be when you wanted to eat your weed, you half-listened to that "more-stoner-than-you" friend, scrawled down a couple of vague butter-to-swag ratios, and got to messing up your kitchen with a box of store-bought Duncan Hines brownie mix and quarter bags. But here's a news flash: stop doing that. You have no excuse for dorm-room shenanigans with the new crop of wholesome marijuana cookbooks, which will teach you the proper way to add buzz to your lemon bars, chicken wings, and Thanksgiving turkey.Read more »

Burn the Bay

Cannabis Issue: Our favorite places to "toke it all in"


Self-medicate and simmer? Hardly. A nice big toke deserves (another and) a trip out and about to see some of the Bay Area's finest sites to be stoned in. Just don't flash that bong around — we hear that shit's still illegal (?). Here are the Guardian staff picks for places around town that your buzz will love.

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Cannabis Club Guide

Cannabis Issue: Testing the tokes at Bay Area dispensaries


CANNABIS CLUB GUIDE 2012 When we first created our detailed local Cannabis Club Guide two years ago — which you can find at — it seemed as if the marijuana business had entered a golden age of openness and professionalism in San Francisco. But with a federal crackdown shuttering at least a half-dozen dispensaries in the Bay Area (Market Street Collective, Sanctuary, Mr. Nice Guy, Medithrive, Divinity Tree, Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana) things have changed. Read more »