One last cannabis fest? Despite IRS ruling, medical community soldiers on


Last week, the IRS' two year audit of Harborside Health Center ended poorly for the medical marijuana industry. The federal government agency decided that the dispensary (Oakland's largest, as the Bay Citizen reported in its coverage of the craziness -- check out our story in today's paper about the additional threats that have been made) couldn't deduct standard business expenses, a move that left Harborside in the hole for $2 million and the rest of its industry in need of a joint. 

Such was the setting for the West Coast Cannabis and Music Festival this weekend (Fri/7-Sun/9). Things got a little weird. Read more »

Feds crack down

Dispensaries around the state draw heat, from tax scares to seizure threats


HERBWISE Reversing its previous pledge to abide people's rights to legally obtain medical marijuana in California and the 14 other states that have legalized it, the Obama Administration has launched a crackdown on the industry using several different federal agencies.Read more »

Refusing to be hotboxed

HERBWISE: The huge International Cannabis and Hemp Expo descends upon Oakland


HERBWISE Karen Cue, CEO of this weekend's International Cannabis and Hemp Expo is taking me to school. "It's insulting to switch up those terms," she tells me.

The terms I switched up? I just asked her why it was important to have legal-for-cannabis-consumption "215 areas" at her upcoming event, which will draw a projected 30,000 marijuana patients and cannabis-curious folk, turning a full mile's worth of streets into an exhibition area in middle of downtown Oakland.Read more »