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Faces of debt

CAREERS AND ED ISSUE: For these three students, debt from attending California schools will affect their lives for years to come


CAREERS AND ED In this weeks' issue, Rebecca Bowe examines rising tuition and its effect on this generation of Californian students. Here, we profile three scholars that are dealing with very real repercussions from their student debt load.


BEN GLEASON, 31Read more »

Debt-defying futures

CAREERS AND ED ISSUE: It's not easy to escape the student loan — but there are ways


CAREERS AND ED Student loans are a very special kind of debt. Like an armored car or an airplane's black box, they are practically indestructible. While a person could sign up for a credit card, max it out on luxury items, and then wriggle off the hook of repayment by filing for bankruptcy, this escape hatch is blocked when it comes to taking out a nondischargeable student loan. Like tattoos, they stick to a borrower for life — or at least, until they are repaid.Read more »

Local bounty

CAREERS AND ED ISSUE: From monkeyface eel fishing to wild mushroom forays -- classes to clue you in on your surroundings


CAREERS AND ED "People are very confused about what's safe to eat as far as mollusks go." Champion monkeyface eel angler Kirk Lombard offhandedly throws the remark out at his "find your own marine sustenance" primer offered by DIY food cabal ForageSF. For a moment I panic. My mercury levels! But then I remember: I'm on his San Francisco fishing tour because I have never, not once, even thought to harvest the bay's bounty on my own.Read more »

Revolution 101

CAREERS AND ED ISSUE: Free University of San Francisco takes a run at the system


CAREERS AND ED Of course, you could just stop paying for school all together. Instead of putting their hopes for the future of education behind state reinvestment in university systems, a group of SF radical intellectuals are seeking to revamp the definition of learning by introducing the Free University of San Francisco. The nascent institution holds its first teach-in Feb. 5-6.Read more »

In the red

CAREERS AND ED ISSUE: As college costs rise, postsecondary students are getting crushed by debt -- and falling further behind


CAREERS AND ED When the University of California Board of Regents met Nov. 17, 2010 to approve an 8 percent tuition hike, roughly 300 UC students who were furious about the decision converged outside the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) campus at Mission Bay to rally in opposition, some traveling from as far away as Los Angeles.Read more »