Careers and Education Spring 2011

New school

The Bay's most innovative degrees show the way to the future


CAREERS AND ED You don't need a degree, or even the patience to sift through US Census Bureau reports on educational attainment, to know that each year this nation graduates more students from institutions of higher ed — public and private universities, colleges, junior colleges, and professional schools — than it did the year before. San Francisco is second only to Seattle in the number of papered persons running around, and statistics say that they, in turn, are more likely to raise little educational overachievers of their own. Read more »


From restorative yoga to dream astrology, classes to expand your mind


CAREERS AND ED "Just to let you know, this class is different than other yoga classes," warns the receptionist at the San Francisco Integral Yoga Institute. It's Monday night and I've just shown up at the institute to try my first restorative yoga class. "You roll around on pillows ..." he continues.Read more »

Behind the panel

Asian American artists top the comics industry -- off the page


Free online learning

How to stream a top-notch university education, tuition-free


Some of the nation's — and the world's — top universities now make classes available free on the web. You won't get credit or a degree — but you can, in effect, audit classes on a wide range of subjects.Read more »

The online-learning challenge

Is it about making money or making education free?


CAREERS AND ED Mixing, mashing, chatting, tweeting: This is how the University of California envisions the future of learning for what it calls a new breed of students. Also on the syllabus? Podcasting, vodcasting, blogging, and Skype.Read more »