Chris Daly

Why Question Time is boring


So Sup. Jane Kim isn't sure Question Time is useful. And the press and some other board members think that, to quote Sup. John Avalos, it's "deadening."Read more »

Who's running against Chris Daly?


I didn't know former Sup. Chris Daly was running for state Assembly in the 19th District. Odd -- I've been told he splits his time between Soma and Fairfield, but I had never heard anything about him moving to the West side of town.Read more »

Daly is back in a progressive leadership role


Chris Daly, a pivotal organizer of progressive politics during his decade on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, has returned to a high-profile role in the movement. Last month, he went to work for Service Employees International Union Local 1021, the city's largest public employee year. And today, he was named its interim political director.Read more »

Let's get roasting Chris Daly!


Guardian executive editor Tim Redmond, city editor Steve Jones, and publisher Bruce Brugmann recall their fondest Chris Daly moments. Video shot inside the Guardian's HQ on the winter solstice by the Guardian's Rebecca Bowe and narrated by the Guardian's Sarah Phelan. Watch it after the jump! 

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