City College of San Francisco

No decision yet following charged hearing to stall City College closure


At a Dec. 26 hearing in San Francisco Superior Court, the City Attorney’s office argued that City College of San Francisco should not be shuttered, as long as San Francisco’s lawsuit against a regional accrediting commission remains in court.

The two-year community college, which serves roughly 85,000 students, was notified earlier this year that the regional Accreditin​g Commission for Community and Junior Colleges would terminate its accreditat​ion in July 2014, rendering the school's degrees worthless.

It would be forced to close.Read more »

City College Trustee resigns, protesting state takeover


Democracy is a thing of the past at City College of San Francisco, and now one member of its elected board has had enough. City College Trustee Chris Jackson announced today that he is resigning from the college board to protest the state takeover of the school, and he explains his reasoning in an op-ed in this week’s Guardian.

“I came to City College to do good work,” Jackson told the Guardian. “At this point it’s impossible to do that work I set out to do. That’s why I’m leaving.”

Jackson was first elected to City College’s board in 2008, but in 2013 he was a trustee in name only. The day City College was told it would lose its accreditation was also the day it lost its Board of Trustees. Those democratically elected by San Francisco voters to lead City College were pushed aside by California Community College Chancellor Brice Harris.

It was a state takeover, and the board was rendered powerless.

The seven-member board holds no more meetings, drafts no more legislation, casts no more votes. The public cannot hold elected officials accountable when things go wrong -- because the man in charge is no longer someone San Francisco elected. Read more »

Why I'm resigning from the City College board


By Chris Jackson

When I worked for the state legislature, a member once told an overly ambitious guy that there are those who get into politics to be someone and those who get into politics to do something, and we have enough of the first type.

Serving on the City College of San Francisco Board of Trustees was always a means for me to work to connect underserved communities to education and eventually economic empowerment.Read more »

City and teachers seek injunction against City College closure


The plan to save City College of San Francisco took a proactive turn yesterday (Mon/25) as two separate-but-similar preliminary injunctions were being sought against the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC). Read more »

Rep. Speier calls for federal accreditation reform, citing CCSF debacle


City College of San Francisco’s woes may be a catalyst for accreditation reform nationwide, US Rep. Jackie Speier (D-SF) said at a forum at the embattled school today. 

The college was told by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges in July that its accreditation would be revoked in one year, pending appeals. Accreditation is required for a school to have degrees worth more than the paper they’re printed on, and without accreditation the college may close. Read more »

Legal victory and congressional forum fuel fight to save City College


The fight against closure of City College reached a new milestone yesterday when a federal judge struck down a motion that might have placed a lawsuit challenging the closure on shaky legal ground. Read more »

INFOGRAPHIC: Brown signs legislation creating two tiers of college tuition, for the rich and the poor


For six California community colleges, when the classes get crowded, those with money will get in, and the poor will struggle. 

On Oct. 10, Gov. Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 955, allowing six allegedly overcrowded community colleges to charge $200 per unit instead of the state-mandated $46 for their most in-demand classes. Read more »

CCSF’s new chancellor has a history running other troubled colleges


Former Compton College Special Trustee Dr. Arthur Q. Tyler will be City College of San Francisco’s new chancellor, sources tell the Guardian. The decision ends a months-long search and comes at a time when CCSF is under state control and facing the loss of its accreditation. 

City College is in the fight for its life as the deadline of July 2014 looms ahead, at which point the Accrediting Commission of Community and Junior Colleges, may revoke its accreditation. But Tyler has been in a similar position before -- as the special trustee of Compton Community College.Read more »

Fight to save City College grows teeth and bites back


Saving City College of San Francisco became a bigger battle yesterday when the California Federation of Teachers announced a lawsuit in San Francisco Superior Court to keep CCSF open.

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Bill on Brown's desk to make two-tiered system of college tuition: for the rich, and the poor


It seems that one California politician is adapting an old adage for a modern era: If at first students protest and get pepper sprayed, try, try that legislation again. Read more »