Class of 2010

Class of 2010: Jane Kim

The young progressive from D6 talks about broadening the movement to include jobs and safe, clean streets


Despite fears that a candidate backed by downtown could replace firebrand progressive leader Sup. Chris Daly in District 6, in the end it was the two progressive candidates — Jane Kim and Debra Walker — who finished far in front of the large pack of candidates, with Kim winning the race. And she thinks that says something about how the progressive movement has matured.

"To have the two leading candidates be progressives says a lot about the progressive political community," Kim said. "The race was really between Debra and me in end."Read more »

Class of 2010: Scott Wiener

His top priorities in D8 are transit, jobs, and preserving entertainment and nightlife


Scott Wiener, who is 40, gay, soft-spoken, and remarkably tall, seems to have made an impression on voters with his successful campaign for District 8 (the Castro, Noe Valley) supervisor. On a recent Wednesday afternoon, several patrons of a Market Street café stopped to say hello and congratulate him. "I saw millions of signs about you!" one exclaimed.Read more »

Class of 2010: Malia Cohen

Can a winner who lost the first-place vote in D10 be a bridge builder?


It took two weeks and 19 updates of San Francisco's ranked-choice voting system before Malia Cohen, a former Mayor Gavin Newsom staffer and partner in a firm that helps businesses and nonprofits create public policy, was declared the winner of the hotly contested race to represent District 10, which includes Bayview, Hunters Point and Ingleside. The nail-biting time lag was a byproduct of complex calculations that involved 22 candidates, no clear front-runners, and a slew of absentee and provisional ballots.Read more »

Class of 2010: Mark Farrell

The new D2 supervisor wants to bring post-partisan "common sense" to City Hall — but he's vague on the specifics


Mark Farrell is a 36-year-old venture capitalist and political newcomer who will represent the wealthy neighborhoods of District 2 (Pacific Heights, Sea Cliff, and the Marina) after narrowly beating Janet Reilly, whose extensive political endorsements ranged from the Guardian and local Democratic Party Chair Aaron Peskin to U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinsein and Mayor Gavin Newsom.Read more »

The class of 2010

How will four new supervisors handle a budget crisis, a new mayor and rapidly changing city? We talk to the freshman about their priorities, goals, and ambitions


In about a month, the first class of district-elected supervisors since the 1970s will be gone, termed out, done with the transformative politics they brought to San Francisco. It's a milestone worth marking: in 2000, when the city returned to district elections, everything changed. Machine-driven politics, controlled by money and mayoral power, vanished almost overnight. Constituencies that were virtually shut out of the corridors of power — tenants, labor, environmentalists, economic progressives, public power activists, the list goes on — suddenly had a seat at the table. Read more »