Throw 'em back

Taking shots at a couple real classics. Plus: Loose Shus, last Debaser ever, Go BANG!, Kafana Balkan, more parties


SUPER EGO It kills me that San Francisco currently has four — four! — regular parties called Throwback Thursday. Throw them all back, I say, and give us a little effort! Still, there's no denying the power of the past — not just because Michael J. Fox is usually starring somewhere in it, but because the past breeds classics. And when it comes to classics, I have lately been drinking my way right through them.Read more »

Ay, muchacha

Heading south, going east: Oakland's new Deep East weekly


SUPER EGO Can't talk long, chicas grandes, I'm winging off to Oaxaca to dance with some gorgeous muxes, hike up lost pyramids, dive into cauldrons of darkest mole, and wooze along to the ethereal, chromatic-marimba sounds of son istmeño, one of my favorite musics in the world. (If I don't come back, give my turquoise witchy retro-'70s thrift store jewelry to Juanita More, to distribute to wee drag newbies in need as she sees fit. And somebody play an accordion by the light of the equinox moon, because.)Read more »